Is Long Hair the men’s trend of 2016?

Long hair for men, it seems, is cool once again. We discuss why is this still a timeless trend.

When it comes to fashion, it is a truism that what goes around comes around, but perhaps the latest hair trend for men has come as something of a surprise.

Celebrities lead the way

Just take a look at some of the hottest male actors on the planet today. Whether these admittedly handsome men are sporting long locks for a movie role, such as Chris Hemsworth as Thor, or attending movie premieres with hairstyles normally only seen on women (Jared Leto turned up at the Golden Globes earlier this year with long hair pulled back into what has been nicknamed the man bun), lengthier hair is in. And as is well known, what celebrities do, mere ordinary mortals are quick to emulate.

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What is so attractive about long hair for men at the moment? It seems to be the fact that little effort is needed, as most of the current hairstyles are easy to achieve. To take Jared Leto again as an example, his eye-catching hairstyle was simply a sleek, combed-back front and sides pulled into a ponytail and pulled out again to catch the ends of the hair, something women have been doing for years to get their hair out of the way. The lucky so-and-so even has the hair colour that many women envy, a honey brown.

Then there is the all-over shaggy style, nicknamed the man bob, where hair is just left to grow to around shoulder length, layered and then mussed up with the hands, a sort of just-got-out-of-bed look, no real styling needed. This new look is being sported by big names such as Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell and Christian Bale; and, actually, Johnny Depp has been getting away with this look, albeit a tad shorter, for years.

What if a person lacks the necessary length? Is there any way to achieve this hot hair trend quickly? Fortunately, the answer is yes. With hair extensions, such as those found at Hair Planet (for more information, see the Hair Planet profile), men can get the look they want almost immediately without having to wait for their own hair to grow. These hair extensions are made from real hair and fitted using professional tools.


Even standard-length male hair (i.e. short hair) can be styled bang up to date by increasing the length on top of the head. Long floppy fringes can be teamed with short backs and sides to get a stylised salon haircut, as can long fringes slicked back to add volume and height to shorter looks. There really is no limit to the length of hair a man can have. The catwalks have seen male models with long, almost lifeless locks, hanging down to the middle of the back, as well as long and loose afro curls.

The hottest hair trend is easy for men to achieve and, ultimately, to change, either by growing their own hair long or using professional hair extensions to get the look instantly.

All photos from Mark MacEachen by Elias Tahan for Male Model Scene

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