How to Prevent Hair Bumps for Men with Facial Hair

Almost every man yearns to have a soft and attractive facial skin after shaving. However, this is not always the case. Hair bumps tend to appear several days after shaving, causing frustrations. What causes them? How can they be prevented in the first place? Well, read on for insights.

Hair bumps are caused by the following. Read more after the jump:

1. Poor shaving tools. If you have not invested in the best shaver, there are high chances that you will get hair bumps.
2. Wrong shaving techniques. People who tend to rush over shaving and utilize wrong techniques will complain of hair bumps often.
3. Type of hair. Men with curly hair tend to have hair bumps than others because the hair grows sideways. They also are tempted to cut too closely to the extent that the sharpened end of the hair pierces the skin.
4. Sex hormones. Men with high levels of sex hormones have excessive hair and will, therefore, get ingrown hairs after shaving.
5. Dirt and infections. Dead skin is likely to clog a hair follicle, so that the hair grows sideways as opposed to upwards. Infections take place when ingrown hairs fail to disappear within a few days. The skin around the area will darken and leave a scar upon healing.
Having understood the causes of hair bumps, it is easy to identify ways of preventing their occurrence. Here are some of the things that you must try:
6. Use sharp razors. There are different brands of shavers in the market, each promising you the best results. However, your main focus should be on the blade’s sharpness when doing the purchases. It will help you to have a precise cut and thus avoid hair bumps.

While still making the purchasing decisions, it helps to go for shavers with the ideal ergonomic design. It should be easier to hold, so that you can avoid cutting too close to the skin. The size of the shaver matters as well.
1. Clean your face well. You must get rid of dirt and dead cells through proper facial cleaning. Use cleansers instead of the regular bar soap and exfoliate the skin at least once a week. If you have a sensitive skin, request the vendors to recommend the ideal products for you. It is also important to moisturize and hydrate your skin.
2. Shave your facial hair when it is wet. You will avoid skin bumps, if you shave hair immediately after showers; the blades can glide easily on the hairs, making it daunting to pull the hair follicles. Furthermore, you must apply a lubricating gel or cream before shaving.
3. Use the right techniques while shaving. The most critical aspect in this case is to determine the direction of hair growth. You must then shave in that direction as opposed to the opposite one. You will not pull the hairs in this case.

Further, you must use smaller strokes as opposed to fewer and long ones to minimize the chances of the hair growing back the skin. Always rinse off the razor after every stroke for better results.
1. Use an after-shave cream. Find the best creams and apply them after shaving to avoid skin irritations and infections. You can opt for natural products such as jojoba or coconut oil to moisturize the skin.
2. Stop shaving. Some men shave because they do not know the beauty of growing a beard. If you belong to this group, or if you are unwilling to learn how to shave properly, the next step for you is to find the best ways of growing a beard. This is inclusive of taking the right diet, doing regular skin cleansing, and hydrating your skin.
3. Visit the doctor. Some of the hair bumps can be caused by an underlying health complication. Do not hesitate to talk to a dermatologist for help.
Certainly, there are many ways of preventing hair bumps, most of which are associated with proper skin care and the right shaving techniques. It is also worth appreciating that some of the hair bumps are not as unsightly as you think and they will go away within a few days. Be patient as this natural process takes place instead of trying different products, scratching, or pulling the hair.

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