Smell Good All Day with a Refreshing Shower

Read these guidelines to understand how to become clean, handsome, and sniff-worthy in no time:

Smell Good All Day with a Refreshing Shower
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Some people always smell great, no matter what they do or where they go. Pleasing smell accompanies them after a refreshing shower, during a long trip, on a date, and even after the gym. It may seem like a coincidence, but in fact, it is a well-thought formula that lets them maintain the wonderful smell all day long.

There is no need to emphasize the importance of taking regular showers and baths. Just rinsing the body with water will improve the body odor. Additionally, using a good shower gel, fragrant lotions, maintaining freshness deodorants, and classy perfumes are what make the skin stay fresh and smelling good for longer.

On top of that, there are some tricks you could use if you want to smell good everywhere you go. Read these nose-pleasing guidelines to understand how to become clean, handsome, and sniff-worthy in no time.

Smell Good All Day with a Refreshing Shower
Photo ©Jose Espaillat for MMSCENE

Shower Gel

Everyone should own a shower gel with a fragrance suitable for their body’s natural smell, personality, and preferences. In other words, the shower gel’s scent should reflect the kind of person you are. Finding the best body wash for men is not an easy task if you think of it that way. Here is a list of the three most common fragrances and personalities they go well with.

Peppery and Leathery Scent

It’s no surprise that lots of shower gels for men smell like leather or pepper. The scents are strong, and sometimes even pleasingly irritating. It is impossible to overlook or not notice a person smelling that way.

One of both men’s and women’s favorite shower gels offering such a smell is the Molton Brown shower product.

The smell is perfect for those gentlemen who want to add the rich, eccentric, businessy aroma to their overall appearance.

Citrus Fruits Scents

Surprisingly as it sounds, fruity scents are also a very typical smell to find among men’s washing gels. They are often featuring bracing notes of lime, lemon, orange, pomegranate, and bergamot.

One of the best hydrating shower gels for men that gently washes away dirt and debris without stripping skin moisture is the Baxter Of California’s Invigorating Body Wash. The product is great for jump-starting your morning routine or post-workout showers.

Citrus-based scents are ideal for those who want to say ‘I’m an easy-going, cheerful, and relaxed person’ through their daily smell.

Fresh Mint Scents

A lot of shower gels come with a minty, cooly, cucumber feel. They leave the skin smelling refreshed, and better than any other bathing product would do. 

The most effective shower gel of that scent category is Brickell Men’s Invigorating Mint Body Wash for Men. The product is made of natural and organic elements such as aloe, glycerin, and tea tree oils. It is also sulfate-free.

Freshly smelling bathing gels are perfect for confident athletes who want to maintain their skin feeling energized throughout the day.

Smell Good All Day with a Refreshing Shower
Photo ©Jose Espaillat for MMSCENE

Perfumes and Deodorants

No bathing routine is done without putting on deodorant and some perfume. While the first one will stop the excessive sweating, the latter will add a notice of a personal fragrance. A right mix of deodorant and perfume can make anyone smell incredibly all day.

Finding the best deodorant and Eau de Parfum that would suit your skin is not so easy. Make sure you look for a scent that feels natural and matches your personality. Moreover, use a tester in the drugstore to see if you feel comfortable with a particular smell. You can also choose a pheromone cologne designed to attract, boost confidence, and work with your own natural scent. Remember that a wisely chosen scent is something that will not only help you stay fresh but also make you feel more secure every day.

It would also be best if your chosen deodorant and perfume scent matched each other well. If you don’t feel skilled enough to mix and match the deodorant with Eau de Parfum, ask a shop assistant to help you. Explain what smelling nice means to you, your natural body odor, and how your skin reacts to different products. They will surely gladly help you.

Smell Good All Day with a Refreshing Shower
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Spots on the Skin

Knowing where to place perfumes or fragrant lotions and creams is crucial when it comes to smelling good throughout the day.

According to specialists, the fragrances work from the bottom up. That means the best places to clean thoroughly with a bathing gel or spray with perfumes are the knee area, the private parts, the chest, and zones behind the ears.

Using perfumes in such a way will help you make the most of the fragrance, without exaggerating and spraying too much. You could also apply perfume on your stomach, the back of your neck, and your armpits.

Smell Good All Day with a Refreshing Shower
Photo ©Jose Espaillat for MMSCENE


Staying fresh all day with a refreshing scent is possible if you shower twice a day, and after every sweaty activity you do. Rinsing yourself with water helps greatly ease the natural body odor.

If you additionally use some great showering products, deodorants, and perfumes, your skin should smell perfect no matter what you do. Before buying the mentioned products, decide what do you want to smell like. Pick the right deodorant, gel, and perfumes based on your personality and lifestyle.

Moreover, be mindful of where to put the fragrant products to maintain the freshness all day.

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