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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Influencer & Model Charly Poirier

In our exclusive interview, Charly Poirier shares his remarkable journey from being a personal trainer to becoming model and influencer

Charly Poirier
Pants: Vintage

French influencer and model Charly Poirier, represented by Marilyn Agency in Paris, has garnered fame thanks to his TikTok account, boasting a substantial following of more than 3.2 million fans and accumulating an impressive 46.8 million likes on the platform. In our exclusive interview, Charly discusses the synergy between his modeling career and influencer status, the impact of social media on the fashion industry, and his aspirations for the future. Charly also offers insights for newcomers and reflects on authenticity in the digital realm.


Fashion photographer Monsieur Kay captured the MMSCENE exclusive feature starring Charly Poirier. In charge of styling was Alejandro Mahi. Read the interview + see more of the story below:

Charly Poirier
Total Look: Calvin Klein
Charly Poirier
Total Look: Tommy Hilfiger

Charly, can you share with us how you began your journey in the modeling industry, and what led you to join Marilyn Models agency in Paris?

I was personal trainer at 19 years old and then my current agent spotted me on social networks and signed me in several agencies around the world including Marilyn Models.

How do you balance the demands of working as a professional model with your responsibilities as an influencer? Which one came first for you, and how did the other evolve?

The modeling, I do it for 6 years now, I then created content on tiktok and Instagram, my content worked well and allowed me to influence through my community, these two areas are linked!

Charly Poirier
Pants: Tommy Hilfiger
Charly Poirier
Top: Zara / Briefs: Assos

Do you feel that your influencer status complements your modeling career or vice versa? Can you share an instance where one role significantly impacted the other?
My social networks also help me with modeling, they are important, it’s a bit like our model book, the image is essential!

What has been the most challenging aspect of juggling your modeling and influencer roles? On the flip side, what moments or achievements are you most proud of?

The most difficult aspect is that for modeling we’re often on the go for shootings, which blocks dates etc for influencing, but that’s fine I’m doing well!! I am very proud of my career in modeling for now, I reach my goals little by little and I try to target still big Pub TV brands, it’s my goal.

With 3.2 million followers on TikTok and half a million on Instagram, how do you believe these platforms have changed the fashion and modeling industry?

Social networks change the world a lot in general, I have the impression that our generation is essentially based on the image, the more you have followers and the more you are recognized in what you do.

Top: Dior / Pants: Vintage
Pants: Fendi / Shirt Zara

From your perspective, where do you see the future of the male modeling industry heading? Are there any emerging trends or changes that you’re excited about?

The world of male models has expanded, it’s not only the handsome guys who parade, who shoot for brands, fashion models have made their place and more and more, I find it cool to change the beautiful appearance of the model, but more on the charisma of the person. There are some to see in the future!

How do you maintain authenticity and ensure your followers get to see the ‘real’ Charly amidst sponsored posts and brand collaborations?

Through my posts, stories etc, I stay myself, I’ll never change my personality and I’ll never transmit a fake image of me to my community, the natural pays!

What’s something about the modeling and influencer worlds that you wish you knew when you started? Any advice for newcomers?

I thought to myself is that this world of modelling and influence is different, is that they are stable jobs, can we make money by persevering, I hope it will happen to me if I do, It’s full of questions but in the end I went there and I wasn’t wrong! Tips: stay yourself, choose the right agent, the right booker that will make you evolve, be patient and persevering.

Pants: Fendi
Pants: Tommy Hilfiger / Tank Top: Zara

Who or what inspires you in both the fashion and digital realms? Are there any icons, brands, or trends you particularly admire or look up to?

I’m inspired by others to be able to enrich myself with others, my self-confidence came as my travels in modeling. I’m also very inspired by brands like Hugo Boss, Paco Rabanne, Guess, it’s totally the kind of brands I would like to do tv campaigns..

Pants: Vintage / Underwear: CK
Shirt: Zara

With growing concerns about sustainability and ethical practices in fashion, how do you ensure your collaborations and work align with these values?

I’m simply motivated and I have goals in life, to achieve them I give myself 100% to get there, I know I can go far so I don’t ask questions.

Have you ever collaborated with other influencers or models for projects? Can you share any memorable experiences or dream collaborations you’d love to pursue?

I shot with several models of course, I also had the most beautiful shooting of my life in South Africa, I shot for a campaign with a cheetah, it was incredible!!

Looking ahead, what’s next for Charly Poirier? Are there any projects, ventures, or goals on the horizon that your followers should be excited about?

My goal today is to go even further in these two areas and to start acting, create my brand, I’m coming guys ??

Coat: Tommy Hilfiger / Bustier: Ledoux / Shorts: Yves Salomon
Bustier: Ledoux / Shorts: Yves Salomon

Photographer: Monsieur Kay – @monsieurkay
Stylist: Alejandro Mahi – @alejandromahi
Model: Charly Poirier at Marilyn – @charly_poirier


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