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Our cover star HONZA STIBOREK sits down with our Editor KATARINA DJORIC to talk about his first year in modeling, shares precious advice for new comers and one thing he would like to change in the fashion industry.


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How were you discovered?
Actually modeling was my sister’s idea… I guess she has seen something in me, thus she pushed me and we have sent pictures to a few agencies and chosen the best one.

Did becoming a model change your life in any way?
Indeed, it did – it changed my life in many ways. All this traveling brought me so many horizons-expanding experiences; the next one is the classic one: meeting tons of interesting and creative people – inspiration coming at you from all directions and creating this “positive pressure” to learn more and set yourself some sincere goals. Finally, what I do made me also more comfortable with myself and my body.

Working in modeling for over a year now, what have you learned from the industry so far?
I’ve learned what might seem at the first glance “The Great Paradox of Fashion” and that being: everyone is unique and beautiful in its own way and that no one should try to be like someone else and should accept the way he or she is … a bit unexpected, ain’t it? I keep hearing that “Fashion dictates certain types of beauty” … I don’t know about earlier, before “my time” in the industry but right now I see and meet all sorts of people, of all walks of life, cultures and ethnicity, front-stage or back-stage.

What advice would you give to guys about to go to their first fashion week season?
Simple and tested: be yourself, be confident and don’t be afraid to ask for an advice.

If you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be?
I know that everyone works really hard and is trying to achieve the best result possible but I would love not to have things decided “The Very Last Minute” as it often creates unnecessarily stressful situations: for the model, the agents, the labels and their creative teams, the clients … throughout the whole chain.

Which cities do you spend the most time in?
I spend most of my time nowadays in Paris, New York and Tokyo.

Name three places that you want to travel to.
Hm, tricky one – so many places to go on this fascinating planet! But for some while New Zealand, Alaska and Australia are looming in my mind.

What are you up to these days besides modelling?
After a longer time I managed to get back to sports I like; generally I am trying to be more physically active these days. I am also thrilled to be spending time with my family and friends since I don’t see them as often as I was used to would love to. Ok, and I do confess to one personal sin: playing video games  – sometimes extensively – I guess it’s the age, right?

It must be the age, do you do anything to your hair?
Not much really, just the usual – keeping it washed and proper.

What are your beauty essentials?
I really like Embryolisse face cream and I also use basic micellar water.

Your personal passion or hidden talents?
I love dancing, especially breakdancing, but I can only fully express myself when I’m on my own. I also love bouldering and hiking in the mountains – my country, the Czech Republic, has quite a few extraordinary ones.

Ten years from now (you will be…)?
Well, I wish I knew response to this one NOW! Its really hard to tell – according to what is currently happening in my life I can’t even tell what is going to happen in a year’s time; so 10 years? Oh, boy! On a modest side, I wish to be in a good health and happy and make people around me happy too… on an ambitious side: all of the above plus that from all that “zooming around the planet” and inspiring interactions with people “on top of their game”. I will manage to chip-away for myself observations, skills and good relationships that I will be able to build on in whatever I end-up doing professionally post-modeling.

Photographer Igor Cvoro –
Stylist Damien Vaughan Shippee
Hair & Makeup Andreas Schönagel at Utopia
Model Honza Stiborek at The Identity Management

Keep up with Honza on his Instagram @honza.stiborek

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