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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Maceo De Souza

Maceo talks about his start in the industry, personal growth, and future goals

In this exclusive interview for MMSCENE, Maceo De Souza shares his journey into the fashion and modeling, sparked by curiosity and a spontaneous start through IZAIO Management. Embracing the industry’s dynamic and innovative nature, he talks about the excitement of traveling, meeting new people, and the unpredictable, yet thrilling aspects of modeling. Despite facing challenges such as objectification and competition, he has adopted a positive mindset, focusing on enjoyment and personal growth.


Maceo De Souza, represented by IZAIO Management, posed for the latest MMSCENE PORTRAITS exclusive story, captured by photographer Very Cheong. For the session Maceo is wearing selected pieces from Saint Laurent, Loewe, Our Legacy and more.

Read the whole interview below:


What inspired you to start a career in modeling, and how did you take your first steps in this field?
The modeling industry, being one of the most shining yet mysterious ones out there, sparked my curiosity for what’s behind its facade. I started my journey into modeling quite spontaneously; I did some “modeling” as a kid and years later, after walking past the office of IZAIO Management, I was asked for some polas. Soon after, I signed my contract with them.

As someone who is just beginning their modeling career, what aspects of the industry excite you the most?
The industry thrives on innovation and new things, creating a unique environment that might be exhausting but has an addicting attraction. The aspects I love most about modeling include traveling, meeting many new people, the inconsistency, the partying, and the chances it offers.


How did you come to be represented by IZAIO Management, and what has your experience been like with them so far?

My relationship with IZAIO Management began when I walked past their office and the team asked for some polas. My experience with them has been really good; I love the team, their communication, and our collaboration. I’m looking forward to more years to come.

What challenges have you encountered as a new face in modeling, and how are you working to overcome them?
The industry’s challenges include being objectified often, facing competition and comparison, and the inability to plan due to unpredictable schedules. These circumstances challenged me a lot at the beginning. However, I’ve worked to conquer these doubts and negativity by focusing on having fun and enjoying the modeling process.

Can you describe your first photoshoot or modeling experience? How did it make you feel, and what did you learn from it?
My first photoshoot was a learning experience where I quickly realized that posing and acting are crucial skills. The initial results were not what I expected, leading to doubts that I overcame by striving to get better and enjoy the process more. I learned the importance of confidence and self-awareness in the context of your face and body.

Coat OUR LEGACY, Trouser Dolce&Gabbana

Being from Berlin and of German/French descent, do you find that your cultural background influences your perspective on fashion and modeling?
My cultural background hasn’t significantly influenced my perspective on modeling, except for feeling more welcomed in Paris due to the preference for the French language. However, my multicultural background has made it easier to work in international teams, which is a big part of the fashion industry.

How do you balance the demands of a budding modeling career with other aspects of your life, such as education or personal interests?
Modeling has become very time-intensive, affecting my private life and making it hard to plan with friends and family. Despite the required flexibility, I’m not holding back from starting to study biology, as it’s too interesting for me to ignore.

Tank Top SAINT LAURENT, Boxer Shorts CDLP

In what ways are you looking to grow and develop your skills as a model?
Apart from maintaining a good diet and engaging in sports to stay in shape, I focus on training my walk and posing skills. The most important aspect I’m working on is my mindset—being confident, open-minded, grateful, and generous.

Who are some models or industry professionals you look up to or draw inspiration from?
I’m most inspired by models from the 90s and 00s who built interesting characters around themselves, as well as many designers, photographers, and hairstylists who have influenced my perspective on how to develop in this industry.

What are your short-term goals in the modeling industry, and where do you hope to see yourself in the next few years?
In the near future, I aim to shoot creative editorials with top teams, work for brands I admire like Maison Margiela and Tom Ford, meet more interesting people, and travel to incredible places on this planet.


Model MACEO DE SOUZA at IZAIO & IMG Management – @maceodesouza @izaio.modelmanagement
Photo VERY CHEONG – @very.cheong
Hair and Make up  SUNYOUNG YU – @sud601

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