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MMSCENE STYLE STORIES: Sunburn by Shibo Chen

Discover exclusive series of fashion illustrations by Shibo Chen

Shibo Chen
Versace Spring 2021

Illustrator Shibo Chen shares exclusively with MMSCENE STYLE STORIES his latest series of fashion illustrations featuring some of Shibo‘s favorite looks from the Pre-Fall and Spring 2021 collections.


The story is titled Sunburn and it features looks from top brands such as Versace, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Dior Men, Gucci, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, Fendi, Saint Laurent, and Alan Crocetti.

Versace Spring 2021
Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2021
Givenchy Pre-Fall 2021
Dior Men
Dior Men Pre-Fall 2021
Gucci Pre-Fall 2021
Ludovic de Saint Sernin
Ludovic de Saint Sernin Spring 2021
Vest Fendi Fall 2021, Flower Saint Laurent, Earrings Alan Crocetti, Necklace Givenchy
Saint Laurent
Jewellery Saint Laurent Spring 2021

Fashion Illustrator Shibo Chen – @shibochen

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