Designer Glasses For Men: 5 Trends to Watch Out For

Designer glasses for men trends analysed by MMSCENE magazines fashion editor team – rounding up the trends to come:

Designer glasses for men 5 trends to watch out for in 2021
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Designer glasses for men are everywhere and one thing that can be said about fashion is that it’s always changing. With different styles going in and out of trend every season, it is often hard to keep up with the latest trends.

Eyeglasses are one such fashion item that also changes with trends. The technical improvements in the eyewear industry has made glasses comfortable and durable. But when we talk about frame styles, there are countless options to choose from.

If you take your designer glasses to be a significant part of your look, you must know what styles are in right now. However, if you don’t know what eyewear styles are going to flood the UK eyewear market this year, read this blog as we will tell you all.

If you think that men’s glasses are all about aviators and rectangular frames, you are wrong. Here are some frame styles to complete your look and turn heads everywhere you go.

Designer Glasses for Men and Transparent Frames

Do you love a no-glasses look? Do you chase after subtle frame styles? If yes, then transparent glasses would be a treat for you. It’s unique built in see-through design will work like a charm on every occasion. Whether you wear this frame to your office or to a date night, it will make you come across as sophisticated and elegant.

Transparent frames have been the chart topping designer glasses for men in the past few years. And from what it looks like, this style will be around for years to come. These glasses are a perfect choice for those who don’t like the hassle of buying eyewear according to their face shape and skin tone.

For an uncomplicated look, go for crystal frames. However, if you don’t mind the pop of colour in your accessory, transparent frames in warm hues are a good choice.

designer glasses for men
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Geometric Glasses

If your style preference is somewhat edgy, geometric glasses are your thing. Designed in interesting shapes with multiple edges, geometric frames will help you stand out from the crowd.

Simple and edgy, geometric frames are made for your quirky side. However, if this style is too much for you to handle, go for rimless glasses in geometric shapes. This is the most sought-after style right now that steals attention like nothing else.

If your local eyewear store lacks this frame style, you can order them online. Some online stores will also give you next day glasses delivery in the UK.

Brow-line Glasses

Classic brow-line frames in either black colour or tortoiseshell designs paired with the sustainability of titanium, metal or acetate make for a great pair for warm skin types.

If you have dark features, brow-line glasses will help you look your best. This style features a dark frame along the brow bone ending in thin temple arms.

An unforgettable style from the 1950s, brow-line frames will give you that intellectual vibe with a hint of masculinity.

Thick Black Frames

Black frames are meant to make the wearer look younger. If you are looking for a frame style that is in vogue and ideal for a professional environment, put this frame in your bucket list.

Although black frames have been around since the longest, the introduction of acetate and titanium has made them comfortable for everyday usage. Rock this frame to your next job interview to reflect professionalism. Whether formal or casual, rock this style when you want to be taken seriously.

Designer glasses for men 5 trends to watch out for in 2021

Wooden Glasses

Millennials have been shifting towards more sustainable options in eyewear and thus the rise of wooden glasses was bound to happen even when it comes to designer glasses for men. Popular for being eco-friendly, even fashion-forward people are also shifting towards this style. Gone are the days when people had to put up with plastic frames. This new era is all about comfortable and eco-friendly frames.

Wooden frames have a soothing appeal to them and the smart manufacturing of these frames have made them durable. If you are not hesitant to try out a new style, give wooden frames a shot for an aesthetic appeal.

The Conclusion

Men’s glasses are available in a variety of frame styles and shapes. To make sure that your look is relevant, take inspiration from these frames. But, whatever the frame you choose, make sure that it suits your face shape and skin tone.

If you want to go for all of these frames, look online to find good-quality glasses with special offers. This way, you will be able to save money on the purchase and get access to endless varieties.

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