6 Pro-Tips for Selling Used Clothes Online

Selling used clothes is far easier done today than it used to be over a decade ago. Now, there are plenty of online options that can help you move out some of the clothes you no longer wear from your closet while earning a bit of cash for them. Make sure you do it right with these 6 pro-tips for selling used clothes online:

Decide on your marketplace

The online shopping scene can be a bit overwhelming if you’re new to online shopping, but it’s that seemingly abundant variety in options that makes it an exciting shopping experience. However, when you’re trying to sell some of your old stuff online, that very same variety can deter a sale.

So before anything else, you’ll need to decide on a marketplace where you’ll be most likely to make a sale. It should be where your target buyers are, and where people would most likely look at what you’re selling. Being where the right customers are can increase your chance of an item being sold, and might just get you a higher price for it, too.

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Go for an app

There are a few apps that you can download onto your phone that’s dedicated solely for selling clothes online, as well as some mobile app version of known reselling websites. Apps are easy to navigate and access anywhere, which makes them great platforms for selling your used clothes.

Improve your product description

The description is what gives the prospective buyer some vital information about your product. Hence, it should be detailed without being too long, concise, and contain all the necessary information.

For used clothes, sizing is important, as is the type of fabric used. When writing the description, be honest, and quickly bring up any defects or alterations done to the piece of clothing. Doing so would make you, as a seller, be more reliable.

Put up good quality photos

Good quality photos are a must when you’re trying to sell used clothes online as they are the visual representation of the item that you’ve put up for sale. Shots should show customers a full look, from different angles.

Price it just right

Consider the rarity of the items and the selling platform that you’re using. Pricing it too high can scare off potential buyers, but pricing it too low can put you at a disadvantage. Generally, if you’re selling online with a bid system or an auction, it’s a great idea to ask for a higher price than what you’re expecting. And if you’re selling directly to a select group of people via a message board, then you should be more realistic with your set asking price. Don’t forget to factor in the shipping costs for delivery as well.

Assess and Evaluate

After all the set up, it’s time to wait and see if someone makes an offer or purchases your used clothes. Be open to negotiations, particularly on pricing, shipping, and payment methods. If no one bids on your item even after you’ve had it listed for over a month, try posting it up on a new marketplace.

Selling used clothes requires patience, and plenty of research. You won’t always make a sale quickly, but you’ll definitely learn plenty as you move along and sell more of your used items.

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