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How To Avoid Being A Fashion Victim

It’s fine to be trendy, but don’t wear something that doesn’t suit you or looks completely awful on you. Continue reading to learn how to avoid being a victim of the latest fashion trends.

Jose Martinez
Photography by ©Jose Martinez for MMSCENE

Fashion trends exist to inspire us. They add a sense of newness and interest to our closets and keep us looking fashionable.

Anyone who is passionate about fashion has the potential to become a fashion victim. We enjoy the ever-changing fashion landscape and being exposed to new and exciting trends that allow our styles to evolve while broadening and experimenting with our clothing items.

We are frequently unaware that we have become victims of fashion and trends. “No, I’m not a blogger or Instagram influencer, and I’m not a fashion victim,” we reason. However, being immersed in all of it is much easier than we imagine.

All of the images on social media push the same (“it”) pieces and styles, advertising campaigns flood your social media feeds, and when we go to a social event, everyone is more or less in uniform. Unknowingly, we frequently succumb to temptation and wind up purchasing items that we do not like, do not look good in, or just do not match our personality simply because “it is fashionable.” The two most major implications are that we end up uniforming ourselves and dressing without personality; and second, our closet is packed with fashion pieces that do not function well together and simply add to having a closet full of clothes and saying: “I have nothing to wear.”

Keeping clothes that are out-of-date can make you appear shabby. Dressing head to toe in the latest styles that don’t fit you, on the other hand, will make you look like a fashion victim. How do you achieve the ideal medium?

Alejandro Alonso
Photography by ©Jose Martinez for MMSCENE

How not to fall into temptation?

Don’t buy just because it’s fashionable, buy because you like it, it works and you have a piece to match. Many times we buy pieces of clothing just because everyone has something like that and we want to “belong”, and it turns out that when we get home we don’t have the opportunity to wear it, or any other piece to combine it. Think that fashion is what suits you and don’t keep accumulating pieces that you don’t have how to use. If you buy something trendy like Balenciaga women’s bag by modes, let it be because you really like it and it goes with you.

  1. Reflect on how you want to see yourself, what you want to convey with what you wear. How your personality can be expressed in the clothes you wear. This has an important component of self-knowledge, that means that you should sit down and think about what are those parts of you that you want to communicate with how you are dressing.
  2. A very simple example of how to express yourself through colors: if you are a conservative person, neutral colors help you communicate this trait. If, on the other hand, you are a cheerful and outgoing person, bright colors are your thing. This has nothing to do with fashion and trends, it has to do with personality.
  3. Look for pieces that you really like, that fit who you are and that make you feel comfortable with yourself. Many times a classic piece makes you feel beautiful and sure of yourself, much more than something that is “in” or fashionable.
  4. Consider whether the style flatters your body type and proportions. If the answer is “definitely no,” and your goal is to look and feel your best, leave it alone or find a means to change it. For example, if oversized shirts and coats are too big for you, wait until more fitted styles become available, or buy two or three sizes smaller than your usual size.
  5. Do not buy only in “Fast Fashion” stores . Open your mind and dare to go to other stores that you have never visited. Visit emerging designers, entrepreneurial friends, and even look for great deals and pieces at thrift stores. Leaving the most commercial circuit of stores opens your mind and style.
  6. Trends come and go, but style essentials like basic T-shirts, sweaters and minimalist trousers and coats remain timeless. Stocking your closet with well-fitting, timeless pieces that will always be a staple in your collection is the simplest approach to avoid being a fashion victim.
Jose Martinez
Photography by ©Jose Martinez for MMSCENE

Developing a personal sense of style is a time-consuming process that will almost certainly include a lot of trial and error. But, let’s be honest, the further you go down this, let’s be honest, amazing trip, the more creative and fresh your style will become.

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