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A Look at Some of the Boldest 2022 Trends and How to Achieve Street Style

Below is a look at these trends set to hit the streets in 2022, plus a look at how men can develop simple streetstyle effortlessly

A Look at Some of the Boldest 2022 Trends and How to Achieve Street Style
Photography by ©Jeanne Dart

The year 2022 is going to be an interesting year for men’s fashion, as the trends really go against the grain of tradition. Some of them are extremely bold and take bags of confidence to pull off. Sleeve free, skirts and tunics, and crosses between coats and cardigans are on the line-up. Below is a look at these trends set to hit the streets in 2022, plus a look at how men can develop simple streetstyle effortlessly.

Sleeve Free

The sleeve-free trend has already been in for a while now, with designers such as Prada and Marni having kicked things off with sweater vests. This year, however, it’s gone into overdrive as more designers get on board and harness the power of an exposed bicep. We’re talking biker jackets at Burberry, sleeveless knitted designs at Erdem and Paul Smith, and small waistcoat styles worn and nothing else at Courrèges.

Photography by ©Jeanne Dart

Skirts and Tunics

The world of menswear is finally allowing men the freedom to bare their legs. At Fendi, GMBH and Rick Owens, gown-like tunics are the way forward, whereas at Burberry and Prada micro-skorts are the thing to wear. Want to wear a skirt, kilt, tunic or tabard? Go for it. You only live once.

Heavy-Knit Cardigans

Heavy-knit cardigans are basically coats that are cardigans. Designers have had the brainwave of helping men find something that accommodates the awkward and sometimes irritating time of year when it gets too warm for a coat but also too cold for a cardigan. Cardigan coats are in this year and, who knows, maybe many seasons more.

Photography by ©Jeanne Dart

Achieving the Street Look

A guy wants to look street. It’s easy enough to do when you know how, but what if you don’t? Fear not for here are some tips on how to nail that street look style:

Keep it Simple

You don’t want to be wearing the latest gear from head to toe. The street look is about mixing and matching, wearing pieces from different brands or cultures that reflect your own loyalties or interest. The look has the feel of coming straight off the shelf about it. You might want to work with some denim to pull off the look, in this regard. You can still wear statement logo pieces, but just don’t go over the top. Dial it down if you have.

Be Aware That the Fit is Everything

Your clothing should be relatively well tailored to your shape. Ideally, you want everything to fit you like a glove, but no one expects an item of clothing to fit you straight off the rack, so it’s okay to visit a tailor. It’s also reasonable for clothing to be slightly loose, but it should never be baggy.

Try for Effortless

Okay, so technically you are trying if you’re reading this, but your style should appear effortless rather than as if you’ve spent all morning getting ready. That means leaving clothing slightly crumpled or something untucked in or slightly unbuttoned. Just go with the flow and don’t overthink your outfit.

Go for Trainers with Raised Soles

Trainers with raised soles are hot. The bigger the soles are, the better. Adidas is a great brand of which you can wear trainers that combine well with anything. If you want to go really street, slip on some Nike Air Jordans. Note that you don’t want to be going out in the rain or anywhere that is riddled with puddles with your trainers on. One splash from a dirty puddle and that’s the look ruined.

When it comes to men’s fashion in 2022, bold is beautiful. Designers have given men a serious amount of freedom, whether that’s finally solving the problem of the right jacket for spring temperatures or cutting loose and baring their legs more. Confidence is key and men who have it will really follow some brave trends this year.

Images from MMSCENE STYLE STORIES: Oscar Johansson by Jeanne Dart – See the full story here

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