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Putting a New Face on Men’s Watches for Summer 2016

Just as men’s fashion designers are breaking all the rules this year for men’s fashions, men’s watches are getting a new face for summer 2016 as well. With innovative digital displays, big and bold is the theme this year and at you will get a taste of what is in store for men across the country as the days grow long and warm. Not to be outdone by the elite within the apparel industry, watches are making an entry of their own into new and uncharted territory with a brand new face. Have a look at what’s trending.

Attention Grabbing Unique Time Displays

If it is getting the attention of the ladies you are after, attention grabbing unique time displays will put you in their line of sight in no time flat. This year you’ll want to check out the Diesel Collection with a special focus on the Diesel Swiss Limited Edition that only saw 555 manufactured globally or the Diesel Double Automatic Leather Limited Edition. While there is a wide range of designers to choose from, Diesel and Minus-8 are setting the stage for the ultimate in attention grabbing appeal in men’s time pieces.

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Classic Chronographs for Today’s Man

High end but moderately priced, classic chronographs are all man. They speak of days gone by but with an updated look that gives today’s man that extra edge of masculine appeal. This year, Aeromatic and Nixon Chronographs are trending and with unique placements of the faces within the face, you will get a totally new look with a touch of classic elegance in any chronograph you choose. Leather, gold, steel or gunmetal, chronographs are the man’s watch for all times.

GPS & Atomic Watches – No Flying under the Radar Here

In today’s digital age, GPS/Atomic watches are literally a sign of the times. Designed to withstand rugged conditions such as desert winds to prevent sand from infiltrating the inner works, GPS watches are literally the watches of today with technology of tomorrow. Men who are active in any outdoor sport or in the military would benefit from a gift such as this because there is no stopping the hands of time no matter what activity he is involved in throughout any weather conditions imaginable. Frequencies range from 60 kHz in the US to 77.5 kHz in Germany with intervals in between for Japan and the UK.

There is no getting around the fact that watches trending for summer 2016 have taken on a whole new face in the industry. From precision Swiss time pieces to avant garde American fashions, this year’s selections are bigger, bolder and classier than ever before. With warmer months and shorter sleeves, this is the time to invest in a quality watch you will surely want to show. Be bold, be big but above all, be in keeping with the times. Make a statement. Today’s watches with tomorrow’s technology will still be keeping time and in time with the times for years to come.

All images from Nemanja Maksic for Men’s Health Croatia by Igor Cvoro


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