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9 Tips To Rock The Trucker Hat Trend

Wearing trucker hats has become increasingly popular, here are few ways to pull off the look

photography by ©Marco Ovando for MMSCENE

Wearing a hat has never been out of style as it’s a go-to accessory of most people who like to complete their look without putting in too much effort. It can also help successfully hide a bad hair day, and allow yourself to look polished and fashionable at the same time. With the many types of hats available out there, going for a trucker hat is one of your best options. 

A trucker hat has a wide front and a plastic mesh at the back, which allows for maximum breathability. The front part is normally plain and made from foam, although it also comes in fun designs, or can be a two tone hat as well.

 Since wearing trucker hats is becoming a trend, below are some tips to rock the look:

  1. Stay Classic

Of course, one of the best ways you can rock a trucker hat is by sticking to the classic way of wearing it. Simply sport basic clothing, such as a plain shirt in a neutral color, such as white, black, or gray, denim pants, and sneakers, then top it all off with a trucker hat. It’ll be the best and most effortless way to stay lowkey yet trendy at the same time. 

  1. Pair It With Playful Colors

If you’re a person who has a loud and fun personality, then you might want to consider playing with playful colors. A trucker hat usually comes in various colors that range from basic to neon. And, since they can also be two- or multi-toned, you can play with interesting combinations, such as white against a bright color, or one that sports loud colors on all sides.

Apart from opting for a colorful trucker hat, you can also match it with an outfit in colorful tones, so long as all the elements complement one another. You can even consider wearing a tie-dye shirt if you’d like to look funky. 

photography by ©Marco Ovando for MMSCENE
  1. Match It With Sneakers

A trucker hat is usually best paired with a pair of sneakers. These could be your regular running shoes or fashion sneakers inspired and designed by popular basketball players. To achieve a coordinated look, it’ll help if you wear a matching hat and shoes, and let your clothing stay neutral. With this whole ensemble, you’ll effortlessly look modern, laid-back, and eye-catching, all at the same time.

  1. Wear It With Printed Shirts

It’s a rare occurrence to find a trucker hat with a plain design. In most cases, it has a print right in front of it that displays a brand’s name or logo, or any fun image. So, if you’ll be wearing a printed trucker hat, then it’d be a great idea to also match it with a printed shirt.

Don’t worry, as you don’t have to exactly match the design on your hat; instead, you can choose something that best complements the hat’s vibe. For example, if you’re wearing a trucker hat designed with beach elements, you could wear a Miami-printed shirt or anything that instantly reminds someone of the beach. 

  1. Use It With A Hoodie

Another awesome way to wear a trucker hat is by pairing it with a hoodie. You can wear a neutral-colored hat and let your hoodie bring out your A-game by sporting one in a popping color. Of course, you can play with various designs and colors if you don’t want to look too basic. To complete the look, wear your favorite jogger shorts or pants, and a pair of sneakers.

  1. Incorporate Into A Sporty Outfit

A trucker hat also goes well with a sporty outfit—think of an after-game or after-gym look. Your main goal is to look as comfy as possible, while still allowing yourself to look fashionable.

You could wear a jersey shirt, a sports jacket, or a sweatshirt for your top. You can also go for a rugby or raglan shirt. For the bottom part of your sporty ensemble, you can wear a pair of shorts with compression leggings underneath, or sweatpants. Of course, to seal your look, grab some trucker hat that matches the color palette of the rest of your outfit. Your goal here is to look like a star player of a famous sports team, hitting the streets in style after a rigorous training session.

  1. Go Monochromatic

Sometimes, all you need is proper coordination to successfully rock any type of look. While experimenting with various color combinations might sound fun, it’s way riskier. So, why not go monochromatic as you sport your trucker hat?  Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean you can only wear black, white, and gray; instead, have your hat’s color match that of the rest of your outfit. Then, you’re good to go!

photography by ©Marco Ovando for MMSCENE
  1. Wear It With A Denim Jacket

One thing that’d never go out of style is denim. This would go perfectly with anything you pair it with. May it be something laid-back, casual, semi-formal, or even formal, denim can do wonders for your outfit. Also, it can go well with your trucker hat, especially if you want to look fashionable without breaking a single sweat. Talk about being effortlessly trendy!

  1. Play With Patterns

Another way you can rock your look is by playing with patterns. This would make you look more fun, creative, and adventurous, as you’re basically doing something that not everyone’s brave enough to do.

You can use a striped, checkered, or polka-dotted trucker hat to add more depth and character to your ensemble, especially if the rest of the elements have basic designs and colors. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, feel free to wear a patterned trucker hat on top of your patterned clothes. Although it’s quite risky, it’d look fantastic if you nailed it.


Rocking the trucker hat trend shouldn’t be difficult, so long as you know the various ways you can achieve it. With the number of combinations you can go with, you’ll surely find something that best complements your style and mood. At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you get to wear something that speaks to your personality, and which makes you feel good and confident.

Images from MMSCENE PORTRAITS: The Brotherhood by Marco Ovando – See the full story here


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