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Various Factors to Consider Before Getting Your Child Into Modeling

Should your child be a model? The answer is not an easy one – we talk with agents and industry creatives about it:

Various Factors to Consider Before Getting Your Child Into Modeling

If you browse the internet or check the magazine, you can see pictures of beautiful kids playing with the latest gadgets or toys. Sometimes, you can think to yourself, my baby can do that too!
You may be right! However, there are many things to consider before deciding to make your kid join modeling. Thus, here are some factors to know about child modelling:

It’s Not All About Cuteness

You have to take note that there are lots of cute kids out there. But it does not automatically mean that they are model material in the modeling and acting agency. Looks will make them excel in the industry. However, personality is the answer for these kids to stay for a long time.

Agents will require you to submit a photo of your kid during the application. Some will tell you that they love the way your child looks. However, they wanted to know more about your kid’s personality.

Agents will make sure that your kid is comfortable speaking with people. If your baby cranks easily or is shy, then perhaps modeling is not good for him or her.

It’s a Big Commitment

If you have a full-time job, then it will be hard for you to keep track of the call. There are times when you have to attend a ‘go-see’ with a little time to prepare.

Just like any other job interview, not showing up is considered unprofessional. As such, you must go through the audition process.

Various Factors to Consider Before Getting Your Child Into Modeling

It’s Expensive

No modeling and acting agency will charge you to represent your child upfront. But, you must prepare to shell out some money for little things like photos and incidentals.

A good agency does not require professional photos. But whenever you hire an experienced photographer, you can get your child in a better position among other kids to book a gig. Each photo can cost you around a hundred bucks. Sometimes, you have to shoulder another $10 to $20 bucks for the retouching.

Some agencies offer free database access to submit your child’s stats and photos. However, there are charges included for a premium database to allow more job opportunities.

Apart from this, you have to consider the ‘go-sees’ which is a term used in the modeling industry when meeting a client. If you are living in a major city, you may need to pay a few dollars for public transportation.

It is Not Always Glamorous

Most parents believe just because their child is now a model, he or she is surrounded by an entourage. Remember that modeling is not always glamorous.

In the modeling and acting world, you have to hurry up and wait. This means that you have to be on set and be ready to go. However, there is always a wait time before you can go ‘on set’.

This is because the photographers are busy making sure that everything is in its place. If you are shooting outdoors, then you have to wait until the sun is at the right angle to get the best shots. Moreover, casting calls is a different factor to consider.

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