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What Men Should Know Before Going Under The Knife

Stereotypes surrounding plastic surgery are slowly being broken down

In the modern day, the stereotypes surrounding plastic surgery are slowly being broken down and now there is an emergence of men who also value a refreshed and youthful appearance. You could blame it on the selfie culture, sheer vanity or a glut of superhero movies, but the bottom line is that a growing number of men are availing themselves to enhance their bodies and faces via this procedure. Data from the American Society of Plastic surgeons has recently revealed that in 2017 alone, men accounted for more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures, which was quite a significant increase since the year 2000.

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While this trend might seem to work only in the entertainment and fashion industry, men from all walks of life have opted to go under the knife. This is due to the fact that men aren’t also immune to the pressures of having to look good. Some have also found solace in non-surgical procedures to enhance how they look and perform. A good example is the PMMA Girth Enlargement injection. The question on most people’s lips, however, remains to be is PMMA safe? The truth here is that PMMA procedures are a safe and permanent alternative to surgical girth enhancement. This is despite the numerous myths surrounding this type of procedure.

Some men, though, are still hesitant to opt for these kinds of procedures because of lack of adequate information. In order to eliminate these fears, there are several important factors every man should at least know before they decide to go for this procedure.

1. The Right Surgeon Will Give You The Best Results

Before beginning your aesthetic journey, make sure that you carry out thorough research on your desired technique and the potential doctors who will ensure the best results. After identifying the potential surgeons, try going through a variety of case examples that each surgeon has performed. You can do this by reviewing the photos in the surgeon’s gallery, and if you notice that you aren’t satisfied with their results, then you should consider looking at someone else.

When reviewing their galleries, however, you should keep in mind that most outcomes of such procedures are dependent on where their client started. This means that those clients who had favorable anatomy before the procedure will often get better results after the surgery. Therefore, you should generally be able to see some improvements with each photo before and after the surgery.

Also, make sure that you are using a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in cosmetic procedures for men. This will ensure that you get the best natural looking results. Generally, you should ensure that you do not settle for less when it comes to matters concerning your health or appearance.

2. Noninvasive Techniques Can also Be An Option

As you plan to make your appointment with the best surgeon you have identified, you should also keep in mind that there are other alternative techniques that can boost your appearance. This will go a long way in helping you reduce the cost or the process of recovery that comes after you have decided to go under the knife.

Most of these techniques will still provide you with good results and are also less risky. Some of them can help you add a definition to some of your features like helping in smoothing your wrinkles, getting rid of some fat and even improving the complexion of your skin. An example of some of these procedures would include CoolSculpting, Chemical peels, and Botox.

3. Find Out The Cost And See If You Can Afford It

One thing every man should be aware of is that surgery does not come cheap. It doesn’t matter whether you are paying cash or whether you are financing the surgery, you still have to sit down and make sure that you are actually in a position of being able to afford the procedure. This means that you should ensure that the other things in your life are not going to take a big hit in case you decide to spend money on plastic surgery.

In cases where you will be financing your surgery, you should also be in a position whereby you will still be willing to pay off the surgery long after you have recovered. Keep in mind that you will still be required to pay even if the outcome of the surgery wasn’t as exact as you would have expected.

4. You Should Be Able To Set Aside Time Off For Recovery

Once the procedure has been completed, you will be required to take some time off so that you can recover from it before you resume your normal life. Some procedures require you to set aside several weeks in order to fully recover. Therefore, make sure that your schedule will allow you enough time to recover from the procedure. Besides the bruising, pains, and initial aches that you are likely to encounter, you should understand that your surgeon may still impose several restrictions after all these have faded.

In case you are working, make sure that you are able to be given enough time that will ensure you fully recover from your procedure. You can consider using your vacation time, but first of all, decide if it is really worth it.

5. Procedures Are Tailored Differently For Men And Women

From an outside eye, the desired results are normally similar for both genders. The fact is that the techniques used will require a whole different approach. This is because the bodies of men and women are not the same. Both tend to be unique in their own ways in regards to features, which might include how they store fat and also skin pore size and thickness. For a male cosmetic surgery to be successful, it will have to focus on the creation or retention of masculine features, which are normally different from those for women. Therefore, you should ensure that you trust in a board certified surgeon who is specialized in performing male plastic surgery techniques.

As discussed above, going under the knife is not something you should just wake up and decide to do. There are so many factors to consider before you even take that first step. You should first ensure that you are healthy for it and that you also have time and the patience to heed to the instructions given by your surgeon after the procedure is complete. Looking into all these factors before going for the procedure will ensure that you come up with the best decision that will guarantee you stay healthy and safe.

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