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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Cesar Daniel

Miami’s Rising Star on Navigating the Highs and Lows of a Modeling Career

In the vibrant city of Miami, where fashion and culture intertwine, Cesar Daniel has emerged as a rising star in the modeling world, represented by Next Models Miami. Discovered by Aarón Moreno through an Instagram story, Cesar’s journey into modeling was as unexpected as it was fateful.


In this exclusive interview for MMSCENE, captured by photographer Mark Mendez, Cesar shares his experiences, aspirations, and insights into the dynamic world of fashion modeling.

©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE
©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE

How were you discovered and what initially drew you to the world of modeling?

I was discovered by Aarón Moreno through an Instagram story posted by a mutual friend, and he introduced me to the world of modeling, signing me exclusively with Next Model.

What has been your most memorable modeling job so far, and what made it so special for you?

I absolutely loved doing the Sprayground campaign. The compliments I received for my camera presence and hard work, especially from the photographers and team, were really encouraging. They make me feel that I am on the right path and that this is truly what I like to do.

©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE
©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE

Being based in Miami, how do you feel this vibrant city influences your modeling career and personal style?

In Miami, surrounded by its Latin culture, I feel completely at home. It’s like having a piece of Cuba with me, which is not only comforting but also hugely beneficial for my career. It’s the perfect launchpad for taking my modeling to the next level.

How has being represented by Next Models in Miami shaped your career? Can you describe the support and guidance you’ve received from the agency?

Next is an incredible agency –and it’s huge! Before I signed with them, I used to follow some of their models and always wondered if I could ever be one of them. Signing with Next Worldwide was a dream come true. Their support is phenomenal, and the attention they give to their models is just amazing. I had the opportunity to meet those who are part of the headquarters here in Miami; They’re really wonderful people, so friendly and professional. It’s a fantastic team to be a part of.

©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE
©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE

Where do you see your modeling career taking you in the next few years? Do you have any specific goals or aspirations within the industry?

In the next few years, my goal is to make a real impact in Miami’s fashion scene before taking even bigger stages. I see myself in New York and across Europe, participating in major fashion shows and events. My ultimate aim is to keep working consistently, to always be engaged in something new and exciting, and to continuously learn and grow every single day. Each day brings a new discovery, and that’s what I’m looking forward to.

How would you describe your personal style? Are there any fashion trends or designers that you’re particularly fond of?

To be honest, I’m still discovering myself, shaping myself and opening up to something new every day. Back in my hometown, options were limited. But now, I’m experimenting with styles and outfits I never thought I’d wear – stuff I might have even said ‘no’ to in the past. It’s like I’m opening myself up to the entire fashion world, learning and absorbing everything I can. But obviously, I love the big brands and their designers.

©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE
©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE

What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your modeling career, and how have you overcome them?

The toughest thing for me was dealing with rejection. Every ‘no’ used to knock me down, make me feel sad, and I’d start doubting my dreams. But my family and friends, they’ve been my rock. They’ve shown me the path and to not giving up despite the setbacks. Now, I see each ‘no’ not as a failure, but as a redirection towards something better. I’ve learned that for every rejection, there are multiple opportunities waiting – it’s all about keeping a positive mindset. Rejection doesn’t mean the end; it’s just a step forward in a different direction.

When you’re not modeling, what are some of your favorite activities or hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time?

I love to train and make time to go to the gym, listen to music at full volume on headphones, spend time with friends whom I enjoy a lot because they make me laugh and have a good time. And when I’m not doing all that, I love exploring new spots in Miami. Every chance I get, I’m out there discovering what this city has to offer.

With a significant Instagram following, what advice would you offer to aspiring models, especially those who look up to you?

Don’t stop dreaming, don’t settle, always strive for more, don’t give up no matter how hard the path is, and never forget to attract what you desire and want, because when you least expect it, it will come into your life, as I have applied it, and it has worked for me.

©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE
©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE


Photographer Mark Mendez
Model Cesar Daniel at NEXT Models Miami – @elcesardaniel  @nextmodels

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