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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Luca Moncho

Photographed by Pat Supsiri, Luca Moncho talks about navigating cultural contrasts, industry challenges and personal goals

In the dynamic industry of fashion and modeling, the journey of an individual can often reflect a blend of cultural heritage, personal style, and the constant evolution of trends. In this exclusive interview for MMSCENE, Luca Moncho talks about the experiences shaped by his dual heritage as both Australian and Spanish, and now, with his recent signing with Sight Management Studio in Spain, a thrilling new chapter in his career. Lucas affinity for the ’90s—a decade celebrated for its bold fashion statements and cultural impact—continues to inspire his personal style and professional endeavors. This era’s influences his preference for timeless pieces like Levi’s jeans and attraction to brands such as Diesel and Calvin Klein. Navigating the stylistic and cultural contrasts between the Australian and Spanish markets offers both challenges and opportunities, but Lucas journey thus far reassures that authenticity and kindness are key to making meaningful connections and leaving a lasting impact in the fashion industry.


In the latest MMSCENE PORTRAITS exclusive feature, photographer Pat Supsiri captures Luca MonchoLuca is represented by FiveTwenty Mgmt Sydney, and for this session he is wearing Calvin Klein Underwear and Vintage Levi’s 501. Hairstyling is done by Anthony Nader at Raw Salon Sydney.

photo by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE
photo by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

Being half Spanish and now signed with Sight Management Studio in Spain, how do you feel your multicultural background influences your approach to modeling and fashion?
Super stoked to have signed with Sight Management Studio! I’m pretty lucky as I feel like I’ve got the best of both worlds. Being Aussie and Spanish and having grown up in both countries, they’ve both influenced me heavily and hopefully that shows in my work!

You’ve expressed a love for the ’90s. Can you share how this decade influences your personal style and possibly your professional choices in the fashion industry?
Yeah, I’ve always had a bit of a connection with the ’90s. That era has shaped my look and when I was little mum would put on old replays of MTV unplugged. The music and movies – I just soaked it all up.
In terms of personal style I’m pretty lazy haha. I just get out of bed and chuck on whatever I’m feeling at the time. I am a sucker for a good pair of Levi’s. My best mate says I dress like Saul Silver from the movie Pineapple Express!
In terms of professional choices in this industry I’m really drawn to Diesel, DSquared, Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Finch. They are brands that really speak my language.

photo by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE
photo by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

What are you most looking forward to with your new partnership with Sight Management Studio in Spain?
So many things! I spent 4 years living in Spain and going to school there so I’ve got some great memories. I’d say I’m most excited for the food and people!

Having representation in both Sydney and now Spain, how do you navigate the cultural and stylistic differences between the markets?
I feel for me the lines are blurred style wise. Culturally, there are definitely some differences between Australia and Spain however kindness goes a long way across both. I just be myself and so far that seems to be working!

photo by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE
photo by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

What is the most challenging aspect of modeling for you, and what do you find most rewarding?
Ooo that’s a good question. Rejection and the unknown are very challenging aspects of modeling. It’s not the easiest however you do get better at dealing with it. When I started it was an adjustment that’s for sure!
It would be rewarding knowing that I could help my mum financially if things go well.

Who in the fashion industry, or outside of it, inspires you the most, and why?
Hmm in the fashion industry I’d say I’m pretty inspired by all the awesome photographers like Steven Klein, Mert & Marcus and Hugh Holland. I’d also say Dan & Dean (DSquared) with their new campaigns. I think artistically all those creatives are insanely good at what they do and that’s pretty inspiring.
Outside the fashion industry I’d say movie stars like James Dean or Heath Ledger definitely inspired my style growing up. No shirt, no shoes, no worries!

photo by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE
photo by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

Where do you see your career heading in the next few years, and are there any specific goals you’re aiming to achieve in the fashion industry?
Oh so hard to say, I hope to be here for the long run! My focus is show season this year in Europe. Hopefully do a few cool campaigns maybe in New York or something along those lines. Acting is also part of my plan.

Aside from modeling, what are some of your passions or hobbies that people might be surprised to learn about?
I love music, skating, movies, and art. I collect vintage magazines and I’ve got a pretty epic Vinyl collection as well as a few guitars.

What advice would you give to young individuals aspiring to make an entrance into the modeling world?
Just be yourself and be kind. Simple as that.

photo by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE
photo by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

Photographer – Pat Supsiri @patsupsiri
Model – Luca Moncho @libertomoncho 
Hairstylist – Anthony Nader @ Raw Salon Sydney

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