7 Things to Consider when Buying Jewelry for Men

When you intend to buy jewelry for a man, there are a few things that you should consider first.

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Most men are not into jewelry, and for those who are, their tastes vary from subtle to outrageous, depending on the man’s personality. When you intend to buy real gold jewelry for a man, there are a few things that you should consider first.


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1. Know What You Want

Before walking into a jewelry store, do your research, and identify what you want to buy. If you go to the store and say you are looking for a gift, you will be overwhelmed by the options and probably buy the wrong gift. Take time to investigate what your partner/ friend would like, go to the store and ask to see chains, watches, rings, or whatever you decide to buy. The keyword here being DECIDE.

2. Your Relationship

Your choice of jewelry also depends on your relationship with the recipient. If he is your spouse, father, brother, etc., determines what to get them.

3. His Style

The first thing you should consider should be his style. Is the man expressive in his style or understated and conservative? What does he prefer, judging from his other jewelry pieces – gold or silver? If he is flamboyant, get him something along those lines, and if conservative, get him an understated gift. Get him something that aligns with his preferences. After all, it is his gift, not yours!

4. Buy According to His Body Type

If the man you are gifting has a burly body shape, he may not like dainty and delicate looking jewelry. If a smaller body type, he may not appreciate very chunky and bulky jewelry. It may still boil down to his tastes, and knowing his style comes into play here.

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5. Chain Length

Considering the chain length is a crucial part of the process when choosing jewelry for men. When selecting a chain, you have to know the man’s neck and chest size. If the chain is too long, it may become a safety issue, depending on his career; too short, it is a faux pas. Is he the type of men that wears buttoned up or open collars? These aspects need to be considered before you buy a gift that may have to go back for adjustments, which costs you more money.

6. Budget

When you walk into a jewelry store without a budget, you might spend money you do not have. The jewelers want to make more sales, and they are likely to show you the more expensive pieces. Be clear from the get-go about your budget so that they show you what they have within that price range. Some jewelers may be willing to negotiate on some pieces to something close to your budget, and if it is not too far off your budget, you may consider adding a little more. If you cannot afford it, be firm and state what you want to spend.

7. Go to a Jeweler You Can Trust

Ask your friends and family about a jeweler they know and trust. A trusted jeweler will answer all your questions truthfully because they have a reputation to keep. If not, look around for jewelers who have been in the business for generations. These types of jewelers have learned the business from family traditions and have built a name for themselves, which they would hate to ruin.

Some of the new jewelry businesses are making money, and maybe a bit too driven by profit. This is not to say the new jewelry shops are not trusted but should come highly recommended. Go to their website and look at customer reviews, and generally investigate their business ethics and professionalism. Also, if you purchase jewelry in an online store, the good test of a jeweler’s trustworthiness is the presence of high-quality jewelry photography. So, you should pay attention to this mark when you choose the jewelry items.


Buying jewelry for a man is a tricky affair, but only if you have not done a prior investigation. Due diligence is crucial to avoid fashion faux pas or to get the wrong gift. Do not buy a striking piece for a conservative man or gold when he prefers silver.

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