How to Mix Gold and Silver Jewelry

If you love a distinct look, then combining gold and silver is the ideal way of achieving it

How to Mix Gold and Silver Jewelry

Many people believe that mixing gold and silver is equivalent to a fashion mismatch. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. While there are some rules in fashion, they are flexible and you can play around with your jewelry pieces to create a unique look. You could be surprised to achieve by the excellent look you can create by combining silver and gold.

Often, the jewelry you choose determines and defines your mood and personality. Sometimes you’ll want a bold look while in others you may want a straightforward albeit sleek look. Combining silver and gold grants you the freedom to experiment with diverse patterns and styles to develop an overall brilliant look. If you love a distinct look, then combining gold and silver is the ideal way of achieving it. 

Styling the Look

Combining gold and silver as we’ve mentioned before was in the past considered to be a fashion mismatch. People attempting to try this style today, therefore, are likely to feel odd. This, however, can be easy with the following step by step guide. This guide is specially designed for you if you love to experiment with different types of jewelry, 

Choose Your Clothing First

Are you a fashion enthusiast? If you are, you understand how important choosing the right dress is. Of course, this doesn’t lean on designer expensive clothing, rather, the way you wear your dress makes a whole lot of difference. If you know you could turn heads with a simple albeit well-worn casual t-shirt?

Styling clothes play a huge role that the clothes you pick. One of the critical ways of styling your clothing has to be through accessorizing with jewelry. Remember, the jewelry pieces you choose should complement your dress. If you’re wearing a summer-dress for instance, the jewelry you choose to accessorize with should be small with a simple design.

You may opt for a monogram necklace, bracelet, or a ring. If you’re wearing a party outfit, on the other hand, you can choose to go with big and bold rings and bracelets.

How to Mix Gold and Silver Jewelry

Combine Your Jewelry Depending on Each Category

If you love accessories, chances are you understand the vast range of jewelry options available to be worn in different parts of the body. Here are some tips to help you organize your jewelry with ease. 

·       Neckpieces

When it comes to neckpieces, you can choose between lockets, pendants, beaded necklaces, chokers, chains, and necklaces. The rule of thumb here is to pick one particular type and then pair it with extra silver or gold chains. Still, you can customize your look depending on your preferences to achieve a unique look. 

·       Wrist Jewelry

Wrist jewelry includes bracelets, watches, and wristbands. When you need to combine gold and silver in this case, you can experiment with a gold bracelet and a silver watch. Ensure the pieces have different patterns. 

·       Rings

Rings are some of the most versatile accessories. You can choose from a silver infinity ring, toe rings, nose rings, finger rings, belly buttons, or eyebrow rings. If you want to match and mix your rings, choose to combine gold and silver rings for the toes and fingers. If you’re focused on achieving an overall look, remember to mix and match your earrings and nose rings, which is if you already have piercings. 

·       Foot accessories

Foot accessories come in handy when you’re wearing open shoes. In this category, you’ll find toe rings and anklets. You can combine gold and silver to complement your slipper or sandal color. 

How to Mix Gold and Silver Jewelry

Concentrate on One Area

While some fashion statements state that wearing different jewelry items in different parts of the body, try to focus on just one part of the body. This way, you’ll not end up looking busy. This means you can combine rings, bracelets, and necklaces. However, you’ll want to create a specific unique statement for one particular area.

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