Engagement Rings For Men: Breaking Stereotypes And Choosing The Right Ring

This article discusses the myths surrounding guys who wear engagement rings and how to pick the right one for your proposal

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Traditionally, people associate engagement rings with women because society has, since time immemorial, seen them as ‘belonging’ to women. Up until the turn of the previous century, men had no reason to wear engagement rings as insurance, which is considered prejudiced in these modern times.

Society has changed and moved with the times, breaking the deeply etched stereotypes by enabling men to wear engagement rings. This article looks into the stereotypes around men wearing engagement rings and how to choose the best type for your proposal.

The Stereotypes Around Men’s Engagement Rings

History has it that men had always passed up wearing engagement rings. Quite precisely, these intolerant beliefs deemed rings to be a sign of ownership, relegating women to an inferior position of a possession. These beliefs bred several stereotypes that misrepresent these covenant-binding symbols’ true meaning.

Stereotypes that led men to avoid wearing engagement rings or to the belief that men’s rings are less important than women’s are still relatively common. Moreover, there’s a belief that men’s engagement rings should be simple and plain and not as deluxe as women’s. Contrary to popular belief, men’s engagement rings aren’t only for same-sex couples, as most people would think.

Photography by ©Paolo Rally for MMSCENE

Breaking The Stereotypes And Choosing The Best Men’s Engagement Rings

Unlike before, in the contemporary world, it’s become more acceptable for men to wear engagement rings, which shows how quickly things have changed. Therefore, on top of considering whether a round brilliant cut lab-grown diamond engagement ring with a lab-created diamond or a simple yellow gold classic would be more fitting, also consider the following tips:

  • Opt for gemstones: Gemstones offer a classic touch and can be an ideal alternative to typical men’s engagement rings, like gold and diamond types. Gemstones, including emeralds, sapphires, and pearl engagement rings, can be perfect. The good thing with gemstones is that they can be as flashy and deluxe as diamonds and gold but at lower spending. Nonetheless, it helps to choose a color that complements a masculine style. For instance, rubies and sapphires are durable and can be outfitted into a seamless band ring.
  • Consider his style: Determining your partner’s style and taste can be pretty challenging. Nonetheless, that’s not to say it’s impossible, as you can get a crude idea of their preferences based on what you can observe. Try looking into their jewelry and other luxury accessories as your style guide to make a more informed choice of the engagement ring you want to opt for. A diamond or 14-karat gold ring can be ideal if he’s overly flashy and bold. Or if your partner is more into classic fashion, an emerald-cut sapphire can fit perfectly fine.
  • Choose the correct size: It can be your worst nightmare if a ring you’ve spent so much money on fails to fit. It always helps to know your partner’s ring size first. While you can plan it as a surprise, and you may perhaps try your best not to offer any leads, you can channel your wit by asking them in a way they won’t figure out. For instance, you can introduce a general topic about rings and ask them about their ring finger size. Or you can measure it while they’re asleep.
  • Personalize the ring: The rings you may find in jewelry stores have a more general appearance, which helps if you personalize them. Engagement rings are more or less like typical wedding or anniversary gifts that can be more sentimental and attention-grabbing if you customize them. An engagement ring that you can easily engrave can be ideal, or you can input a symbol with a significant meaning to your partner. Luckily, most jewelry dealers can offer customization services as a token of purchasing from them, especially if the ring has high value. And much better, these services are typically high quality with more enticing results.
  • Pick the best wedding band: Like engagement rings, wedding bands are a symbol of enduring love and commitment between two people. When renewing vows, they may be more significant later on after marriage; you can still pair them with an engagement ring. Therefore, it helps if they complement the engagement ring by matching the style for a more coordinated look. You can also engrave your wedding band with a more sentimental symbol. They should also be more comfortable and tailored to your partner’s taste and style.

Knowing what you should go for when picking your men’s engagement ring can help you select a type that fits your partner’s preferences.

Photography by ©Paolo Rally for MMSCENE

What To Avoid When Choosing A Men’s Engagement Ring

While you should be aware of what to consider when choosing a men’s engagement ring, it helps to know more about what you have to avoid. Choosing a perfect engagement ring can be quite a task, but avoiding the following can save the day:

  • Overcomplicating the design: Avoid overcomplicating your engagement ring’s design with numerous elements and over-customization. Give it a slight personal touch to avoid going way overboard to only express that you took your time to personalize it with messages and symbols of sentimental meaning.
  • Sacrificing quality for price: Engagement rings can cost a lot if you prefer more luxurious types. It’s best if your budget is more fitting, and you should adequately plan for it to avoid sacrificing quality for the price. If possible, try as much as possible to engage a reputable dealer who uses high-quality material and provides warranties and guarantees at a reasonable price.
  • Ignoring practicality: Your engagement ring of choice should be comfortable and durable. It should also perfectly fit their occupation and lifestyle to avoid making it a nuisance.

Avoiding the things above can save you a lot more embarrassment and inconvenience.


There are numerous stereotypes about men wearing engagement rings, but the practice is becoming increasingly common thanks to the changing times. You can get your partner a more fitting engagement ring to break these stereotypes and beliefs, but it’s best to consider the factors mentioned in this post to make your choice worthwhile. Plan your purchase early enough to ensure you find the one that fits your budget without compromising on quality.

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