Why Unisex Jewellery Is Here To Stay

The fashion industry is beginning to push boundaries, and you should be too

Why Unisex Jewellery Is Here To Stay
Photography by ©Jay Tagle

A shift in the fashion industry

As the fashion industry evolves to become more inclusive, unisex jewellery is not just a trend, but the ultimate accessory for any fashion forward person’s wardrobe. His and her jewels are a thing of the past, and now, guys can rock pearls (we’re thinking of you Harry Styles), and women can rock edgier studs if they so wish.. It’s all about exploring your identity and expressing your authentic self.

The fashion industry is beginning to push boundaries, and you should be too. As luxury jewellery designer David Farrugia told the Robb Report, “Masculine and feminine adjectives in fashion/design need to be retired”, and we couldn’t agree more!

A recent addition

Although unisex jewellery isn’t a new concept, as gold rings for men have been popular since the 20th century, its real popularity started to soar in 2020. There is no precise gender opens up all your styling possibilities. Long gone are the days when you would just see plain, understated jewellery, and now you can rock anything – from timeless to more statement pieces. Elevate even the simplest of outfits with unisex jewellery.

In 2020, celebrity stylist Alyssa Sutters launched a unisex jewellery line, paving the way for more unisex designers and blurring the lines between masculine and feminine. Her brand, Omnis, has necklaces for everyone, that lay on each body in a flattering manner. Louis Vuitton launched LV Volt in 2021, unisex jewellery with of course, the iconic LV initials engraved onto bracelets, rings, pendants, and bangles. Vivienne Westwood has a range of gender-neutral pieces for you to accessorise with. Madlords has been the go-to place for genderless jewellery for years, even though it started off being a “men’s jewellery store”, showing that change is coming, slowly but surely.

Why Unisex Jewellery Is Here To Stay
Photography by ©Jay Tagle

The new normal

Though it is still in its infancy, unisex jewellery is on its way to becoming so much more than just a Fashion Week trend, it’s becoming a norm. Why should you have to make a choice? Why should you have to limit your options? Many jewellery brands will still associate cufflinks and chains with men, and pendants and delicate rings with women, but over the next few months and years, this archaic system will be shaken up by some of the world’s fashion pioneers. Jewelers like Smales are already joining this trend, providing unisex options when it comes to jewellery, watches, and more.

How can you style unisex jewellery? However, you want! The options are endless. The latest trend is to layer up your jewellery, whether it’s bangles or necklaces, like Timothée Chalamet for a little edge. Or several rings like Gigi Hadid likes to do.

In particular, this genderless revolution has opened up possibilities for men, or people who just don’t identify with “feminine” jewellery. British jewellery designer Shaun Leane told the Guardian, “It is exciting to see men becoming more experimental with the jewellery they wear; it comes after a long period of men being afraid to express their personality through jewellery”. It’s time for jewelers to get a little more daring with their designs, don’t you think?

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