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Sulvam’s Spring Summer 2025 Collection

A Celebration of Diversity and Individuality Through Bold Patterns and Colors

Courtesy of Sulvam-Sulvam’s Spring Summer 2025 Collection

Sulvam’s Spring Summer 2025 collection, titled “Not Afraid,” signifies a bold shift from the brand’s usual focus on tailoring. Designer Teppei Fujita has expanded the brand’s creative horizons, merging elements of casual and formal wear seamlessly.


This collection stays true to Sulvam’s ethos of challenging conventional boundaries, presenting a diverse array of garments that push the envelope and celebrate individuality.


This season’s lineup is a vibrant explosion of colors and patterns, showcasing Fujita’s innovative approach. The collection features jacquard fabrics with tie-dye motifs, Aloha shirts that mix floral and camouflage designs, and denim discharge-printed with antique patterns reminiscent of European art. Bold knitwear in striking shades of pink, blue, and red makes a significant visual impact, while Japanese denim, crafted from a new polyester blend, offers a modern twist on a traditional fabric.


Sulvam’s dedication to versatility and variety shines through in its staple carryover styles, crafted from original wool gabardine. The “Classic Line” remains relevant, evolving to meet contemporary demands. This evolution highlights Sulvam’s commitment to breaking boundaries and adapting to the ever-changing fashion landscape.

Beyond aesthetics, the collection conveys a powerful message of unity and diversity. By blending elements like floral and camouflage, and antique and contemporary designs, Fujita creates a narrative of coexistence. These contrasts symbolize the dismantling of barriers and invite wearers to explore new fashion territories without fear. “Not Afraid” is a testament to celebrating differences and expressing individuality through fashion.


Sulvam’s SS25 collection exemplifies innovative design and thoughtful craftsmanship. Teppei Fujita’s skill in redefining traditional fashion norms while preserving the brand’s unique identity is remarkable. As the fashion world continues to evolve, Sulvam’s latest collection stands as a bold reminder of the need to embrace change and push creative boundaries.

View the collection in the Gallery below:

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Written by Anastasija Pavic

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