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3 Best Tips for Traveling With Perfumes

3 tips rounded up by MMSCENE magazine’s Beauty & Fragrance editor helping you pack your favourite perfume when travelling:

We travel for different reasons: business, leisure, studies, or to experience new cultures. Sometimes, the goal is to connect with ourselves and find what resonates with us or rekindle lost passions. Whatever the reason, one companion that finds its way into your luggage is a perfume. Who wouldn’t want to wear a good scent? Even better if this is your favourite scent.

Travel with a perfume that would have someone stop you on the way to the boarding gate to ask what scent you are wearing or where they can get it. However, figuring out how to make your trip with perfume takes a lot of work. We often need to figure out whether the bottle will break or get confiscated at the airport. Yes, confiscation or destruction are possibilities if you travel to a country where they are prohibited or exceed the weight limits. This article will provide tips for traveling with perfumes, specifically for airplane trips.

Are There Rules for Traveling With Perfumes ?

Yes, there are rules for traveling with perfumes. However, the restrictions vary depending on your destination. Knowing that you can have your perfume in your carry-on luggage will interest you. If you explore this option, ensure that the perfume does not exceed 100 milliliters, and that the bottle fits inside a quart-size bag.

3 Tips for Traveling With PerfumeFollow these tips before embarking on your journey rounded up by MMSCENE fragrance editors:

  1. Read the rules and regulations – There are general guidelines for packing or traveling with perfumes, and it is recommended that you read the general rules. You should also take time to read the rules of the specific airline because sometimes, the airline may have stricter regulations than what you usually hear.
  2. Get a travel atomizer – This is an excellent investment for perfumes that are not available in smaller sizes. Atomizers are small and lightweight; you can transfer perfume from the bottles to the mini-sized atomizer. The best part of it is that these bottles have refillable options. This means you do not have to buy a new atomizer on each trip. The refillable model is highly recommended because it is eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  3. Pack your perfume well – It is advisable to have your perfume wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent leaks or breakages. Alternatively, use a soft cloth to wrap it and place it in a zip-lock bag. For additional protection, place the perfume in the center of your suitcase and not the sides. Cushion it with other soft items like clothes. What this does is protect the perfume against impact.

Is Solid Perfume an Option?

Solid perfume is a perfect alternative! It is travel-friendly, and you have zero spillage worries when using them. The compact form means that they are less likely to leak and can fit into even the smallest of bags. It is also believed that the fragrance from solid perfumes lasts longer on your skin than some liquid perfumes.

When using solid perfume, it is recommended that you apply it on your pulse points, which include inside your elbow, behind your knees, and behind your ears. You should also use it on your neck area and wrist for an improved effect. If you patronize specific brands, ask them if there are any solid perfumes in store that you can add to your collections. This way, you have options to choose from.

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It will interest you to know that perfume wipes are also available for use. They are pre-moistened with fragrance and are easy to pack. People also use cotton balls, which have been dipped into their favorite fragrance. These options are another convenient and travel-friendly way to use perfumes.

How Do You Choose the Right Perfume for Your Next Trip?

It is important to consider the climate of your destination when choosing a perfume. If you are in a hot climate, go for a light fragrance, like floral scents. For a humid climate, a long-lasting fragrance such as an oud scent is preferred.

It would be best if you also considered the occasion. While a sophisticated fragrance is ideal for special occasions, you should avoid wearing an overpowering fragrance on a business trip. While that could work for an adventurous trip, a subtle fragrance is preferred for business meetings. Reputable brands like Memo Paris perfumes sell different types of scents of different occasions.

Fragrances make your travel experience even more memorable, considering you can associate the scents with places. With the suggested tips, you no longer have to worry about leaving your favorite fragrance behind when traveling. Your scent journey can be as enjoyable as your travel.

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