Braving the Cold: 5 Essential Looks for Winter

Braving the Cold 5 Essential Looks for Winter

As the days grow shorter and the days get steadily colder, it can be easy to reminisce about the warm and sunny days spent on a beach during the summer. However, winter does mean one good thing: winter fashion. From faux leather pants to luxuriously warm sweaters, this the best season to layer up and create a gorgeous composition that will get you through even the chilliest months.

  1. Faux Leather Pants

If you thought that faux leather could only be made into jackets, think again. This versatile fabric can be used to create comfortable pants that will get you through the harshest winters, flattering your shape and keeping you warm simultaneously. There are also a wide choices of faux leather styles; leather doesn’t have to be black. Aubergine and teal are very popular colours for leather clothing, and they will add a subtly to your look if you are concerned about how appropriate you will look in the workplace.

Braving the Cold 5 Essential Looks for Winter

  1. Tailored Suits

Suits aren’t just for looking good in the office! One of the biggest trends on the catwalk for this season is a statement tailored suit. Rather than choosing navy, black or grey – why not choose an unusual print or color? You are guaranteed to attract looks in bars, restaurants or during a shopping trip if you are wearing a stunning tailored suit. Ideal winter suits include:

  • Supple velvet in rich jewel tones
  • Monochrome black and white patterns, such as the iconic houndstooth pattern
  • Paisley and ethnic patterns

There are no limits to how to wear a suit this winter, once it is paired with a trench coat or duffle you will be ready to face the winter in style.

  1. British Tweed

Scottish tweed is renowned to be the best in the world, warm, fashionable, and long-lasting. By investing in genuine British tweed, you will be able to create a signature winter look to last you for years to come. Real tweed is made from pure wool and woven to create chic clothing. Tweed isn’t just for jackets; tweed trousers and scarfs are also an essential look for the coming winter.

Braving the Cold 5 Essential Looks for Winter

  1. Trench Coat

Trench coats are a winter staple for men and women who want to maintain an on-trend look while keeping warm. Trench London sell a stunning variety of their signature coats online at for individuals who wish to channel sophisticated British style. Remember, your coat is where people will gain their first impression of you during winter.It doesn’t really matter about the outfit that is underneath.

Braving the Cold 5 Essential Looks for Winter

  1. Turtle Necks

What’s not to love about a turtle neck? They eradicate the need for scarves, stop you from getting sick, and they look stylish. This winter, pair up your turtle neck with a pair of leather or tweed trousers to create a fashionable look that will help through the snowiest months.

Hopefully, these ideas will have inspired you to make the most of winter fashion and hit the streets in style – even if the sun isn’t shining!

Images from Adam in Waiting for Summer by Sam Lee – See the full story here

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