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3 Tips To Choose The Right Men’s Socks For Every Outfit

The guide below highlights the factors to consider in selecting a functional yet stylish pair of socks that can match your outfit

3 Tips To Choose The Right Men's Socks For Every Outfit
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Socks are very crucial in maintaining the life of your shoes. Feet are susceptible to sweating, which can damage your footwear. This highlights why having a pair of socks is essential in a man’s outfit.

Besides caring for your footwear, a pair of socks matched with an appropriate outfit can enhance your style and fashion. No matter how costly your outfit is, the type of socks you wear can either make or break it- an aspect commonly overlooked by most men. There is a wide variety of different kinds of socks available. However, your selection depends on your outfit or footwear.

The guide below highlights the factors to consider in selecting a functional yet stylish pair of socks that can match your outfit:

  1. Length

  • No-show socks

Getting a sockless look doesn’t mean not wearing any socks. A neatly designed pair can keep your feet comfortable, dry, and stylish and still stay put throughout the whole day without slipping off. No-show socks are ideal when wearing shorts. 

However, wearing no-show socks with the wrong pair of shoes can lead to blisters on your heels, where the shoes rub against the skin. Shoes to avoid wearing with no-show socks are high-tops, boots, and sandals.

  • Ankle socks

Also referred to as athletic socks and are frequently confused with the no-show type of socks. The significant difference is no-show socks are designed to be unseen, so they sit below the ankle. Athletic socks, however, sit on or vaguely above the ankle, protecting your ankles and heels from chaffing.

Athletic socks are not meant to be fashion accessories. Therefore, wearing them has to be limited to physical activities such as going to the gym or moving from the top to the bottom floor apartment or the bottom to the top floor apartment.

  • Mid-calf socks

This socks type should fill up the sock drawer since they’re the most common type in modern times. Mid-calf socks are ideal for loafers, sneakers, boots, and dress shoes. An added advantage is you can find them in any pattern, color, material, or thickness that you need to complement your outfit. You can order online from outlets such as Tall Order designer dress socks for a pair that can add flair to your outfit.

  • Over the calf socks

If you’re concerned about keeping your socks up, this type is undoubtedly the perfect one for you. Unfortunately, not many stores have them on offer. The outlets with over-the-calf socks charge excessive prices and offer a small selection.

This can be an outdated type of socks to most, but unless you wear them with shorts, no one will know about the actual length of your socks.

3 Tips To Choose The Right Men's Socks For Every Outfit

  1. Material

  • Cotton

Cotton is the most popular fabric used to manufacture both formal and athletic types of socks because it is more relaxed, lightweight, and durable than other fibers. Cotton is also capable of holding its shape over time. 

Due to its relatively low price, most of the socks in your sock drawer are probably a cotton blend. Cotton socks are usually ideal for wearing casual sneakers or dressier leather shoes.

  • Wool

Wool has been used in manufacturing socks since the beginning. Wool socks can keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in soaring temperatures. They also absorb less moisture as compared to other materials. These characteristics make wool socks ideal for outdoor activities like skiing or hiking.

Socks made from pure wool can be thick and scratchy. Blending it with synthetic fibers such as rayon makes it softer and enhances its strength and durability. Wool socks are perfect for wearing with loafers and boots.

  • Cashmere

This material is primarily for luxury wear since its makeup and benefits resemble those of wool. They are super soft and comfortable on your feet. However, it’s essential to take proper care of them to avoid tearing them or losing their shape.

Cashmere socks are delicate, hence requiring commitment in washing them. Always avoid putting cashmere-made socks in the dryer. This type is ideal for wearing with moccasins or slippers since they reduce the wearing of your socks and still offer a stylish look.

  • Silk

Silk socks are mostly reserved for formal and black-tie affairs. They are more expensive and aren’t as durable as wool, cotton, or cashmere varieties. Silk can be blended with wool to enhance warmth or synthetic fibers to enhance the durability of your socks.

  • Synthetics

These are often made for athletic use only due to being less comfortable and breathable than the other natural fiber types. When blended with wool or cotton, synthetics can enhance the degree of durability, thereby enhancing shrinkage prevention.

3 Tips To Choose The Right Men's Socks For Every Outfit

  1. Design

  • Dark designs

These are generally ideal for giving out a traditional look. Colorful socks might be fancy, but playing safe with brown, navy, or black colors can help keep you under the radar. Therefore, dark-designed socks can be suitable to wear with a tuxedo paired with a brogue or formal shoes to give out a classy and elegant look.

  • Patterns and stripes

Socks designed with stripes or patterns are perfect to wear with casual sneakers. They’re also perfect with dull official outfits such as dark suits.

  • No-show designs

These designs are ideal for a lover of loafers, casual sneakers, and Oxford shoes. The hidden design is perfect for a look that focuses on the shoe game rather than the general outfit.

  • Coordinating colors

Mirroring your sock color with another color above your waistline can enhance the color continuity tying your outfit together. However, it’s vital to choose a sock color that is either a shade lighter or darker than the trousers.


Choosing the perfect men’s socks for the perfect occasion can be hectic. There are many types and designs a man can choose from. The outfit for the event contributes to the kind of socks one can wear. The outline above highlights the crucial factors a man can consider in getting the right socks for every outfit.


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