Wes Anderson Directs Montblanc Campaign

Celebrating a Century: Anderson’s Vision Highlights Montblanc’s Meisterstück Legacy

Courtesy of Montblanc

This year, Montblanc commemorates an important milestone—the 100th anniversary of its famed Meisterstück writing instrument. To celebrate this occasion, the prestigious brand has teamed up with acclaimed filmmaker Wes Anderson to launch an innovative advertising campaign. Written and directed by Anderson, this campaign invites viewers into the remarkable world of the brand through his unique and visually captivating style.


Set in a fantastical Montblanc headquarters perched on Mont Blanc, the campaign features vivid characters portrayed by Rupert Friend, Jason Schwartzman, and Wes Anderson himself. These characters explore the brand’s heritage and its signature product in a novel and engaging manner, with Anderson’s distinctive aesthetic and non-traditional storytelling adding a fresh twist to the Meisterstück’s legacy, interweaving the brand’s essence with whimsical and thoughtful tributes to its history and artisanship.

Courtesy of Montblanc

Throughout the campaign, the characters engage in discussions about the Meisterstück, which was originally crafted over a hundred years ago for daring explorers. Although the fountain pen is the focal point, the film smartly integrates other Montblanc items, like watches and leather goods, showcasing the brand’s extensive product range. 

Courtesy of Montblanc

Anderson brought this artistic concept to life with the help of long-standing collaborators, including Roman Coppola as producer and co-director, and Linus Sandgren, an Oscar-winning cinematographer. 

Courtesy of Montblanc

As Montblanc continues to innovate and excel in craftsmanship, the centennial celebration of the Meisterstück not only pays tribute to the pen’s storied past but also reinforces Montblanc’s dedication to supporting educational endeavors and initiatives that encourage individuals to achieve their utmost potential.

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