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Chris Hemsworth Covers Vanity Fair May 2024 Issue

Chris Hemsworth discusses new challenges, dispels rumors, and embraces a quieter life in Vanity Fair’s latest feature

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth is the cover star of Vanity Fair, photography by Gregory Harris

Actor Chris Hemsworth takes the cover story of Vanity Fair Magazine‘s May 2024 edition lensed by fashion photographer Gregory Harris. In charge of styling was Tony Irvine, with set design from Colin Donahue, and production by Camp Productions. Beauty is work of hair stylist Luca Vannella, and groomer Matteo Silvi.

Sitting down with VF contributor Karen Valby, Hemsworth opens up about his latest cinematic venture, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, his frustrations with past roles, and his conscious decision to step away from the Hollywood limelight.

In George Miller’s Furiosa, a prequel to the 2015 box office hit Fury Road, Chris Hemsworth portrays Dementus, a charismatic leader of a biker horde, starring opposite Anya Taylor-Joy. Hemsworth expresses a profound connection with this role, noting it as his favorite since his portrayal in Ron Howard’s 2013 drama, Rush. “Ron took me out of that typecast space of the muscly action guy and let me play a character with complications and darkness,” Hemsworth recalls. He describes the long gap between these deeply fulfilling roles, acknowledging the creative nourishment he derived from working with Miller.

Chris Hemsworth
Photography © Gregory Harris for Vanity Fair

Addressing the recent tumultuous headlines that mistakenly reported he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and retiring from acting, Hemsworth clarifies these claims with a blend of seriousness and characteristic humor. Two years ago, Hemsworth revealed in the National Geographic docuseries Limitless that he carries two copies of the APOE4 gene, increasing his risk for Alzheimer’s. This personal revelation coincided with a planned career break, leading to misinterpretations about his health and career plans. He rebuffs these rumors with a mix of frustration and levity, highlighting a humorous fan comment: “I hope Chris forgets he’s retiring and comes back.

Hemsworth also reflects on his time playing Thor, sharing his mixed feelings about the role. While grateful for the opportunity, he often felt sidelined, describing himself as a “security guard for the team,” overshadowed by other characters’ more dynamic roles. This dissatisfaction underscores his desire for roles that challenge him beyond the physicality that his character often emphasized.

Beyond his career, Hemsworth discusses his life in Byron Bay, where he moved in 2015 to be closer to family and to find respite from the pressures of Hollywood. He candidly talks about the conflicting desires that fame engenders, from craving privacy to missing the limelight. This move was not just geographical but emotional, a step towards finding balance and escaping the “toxic seesawing of anxiety and reproach” that often accompanies celebrity status.

Through his discussion with Valby, Chris Hemsworth paints a picture of a man seeking depth in his professional engagements, peace in his personal life, and authenticity amidst public expectations. As he continues to navigate his complex relationship with fame, roles like Dementus in Furiosa offer him a canvas to explore and portray intricacies that Hollywood’s archetypal hero roles often lack.

Photography © Gregory Harris for Vanity Fair, read more

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