Preparing the Right Clothing for Your First Hiking Trip

Taking on a hiking trip is a thrill of it’s own, but getting ready for a long hike in the great outdoors takes careful planning. Our writers come back with a list of note worthy hiking tips for the 1st timers.

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Before you go hiking for the first time, it’s normal to be overly excited, but also be quite anxious. Because being prepared is key, here are a few tips on what kind of clothes to pack for your first hiking adventure:

Hiking boots

Depending on how long you’ll be hiking, the type of shoes you wear can make a huge difference. While running or athletic shoes can still serve the general purpose, having specific hiking boots will be more appropriate for certain climates and specific trails you will be taking. For example, if the weather conditions involve rain, hiking boots will prevent the rain from reaching your feet and socks as they are waterproof. It will also prevent you from slipping when the ground is wet as the sole is manufactured in a way to keep the grip on the floors firm and avoid slipperiness.


One of the best ways to ensure that you’re covered for unforeseen weather conditions is by packing layers. However, it is also important to limit the amount of items you pack as space is an issue. Think of items that are essential such as a very thin layers that you can wear if the weather is too hot, a warm woolen or synthetic material jumper to put on when it gets dark and the weather starts to drop and a waterproof jacket for when it rains. If you’re worried about space, you can wrap the jacket or jumper around your waist, but you’ll be better off having them around when needed to make sure your hike is enjoyable.

Choose your fabrics wisely

The layer closest to your skin should always be dry to prevent you from catching a cold. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your clothing is made out of synthetic fabrics such as nylon or polyester otherwise fabrics should be made of wool. Depending on where you’ll be hiking and the temperature or climate in that area, you should pack appropriately. Avoid long-sleeves in desert areas to prevent the risk of sunburn and use wool or synthetic fabrics for colder climates as it will not only keep you warm, but also dries really quickly, getting rid of the sweat your body will feel while hiking.

Waterproof jacket

When it comes to the outerwear you’ll be taking along with you, you want to pick something that will not take up a lot of space if you get too hot, but will still have the necessary functionality needed for hiking. That means that it should be able to block the wind and at least be made up of a waterproof fabric that will prevent your clothing from getting soaked, if it will rain. It is also advisable to choose an outerwear with a hood to be able to cover your head, too.

The right type of underwear

It’s not all about what you wear on top, but the garments you wear underneath are essential in making you feel comfortable. When hiking, you don’t want to be wearing a pair of underwear that will give you a wedgie or keep falling off, but will need to ensure that they’re not only a good fit, but also the right material. There are quite a few underwear options for hiking, but it is vital to understand why the type of underwear you wear matters.

Remember that you’ll be constantly on the move which means that your body will release sweat. That means that if you’re wearing a cotton based underwear, the sweat and chafing of your thighs together will not only lead to soreness, but can also cause a lot of pain. The best type of underwear for hiking will be made out of a stretchy material and will be breathable to ensure that the sweat is released instead of absorbed to prevent soreness.


Don’t forget your socks! And not just any socks, but also the same kind of fabric as your underwear and base layers that are not only comfortable, but also sweat-repelling or breathable. Especially if you get sweaty feet easily, your feet can be covered in blisters after a long hike due to the friction of the feet rubbing against the shoes. Wearing woolen socks or those composed of synthetic fabrics will allow your feet to stay dry and prevent your shoes from being smelly, too.

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Hiking can be loads of fun, but the packing part is a nightmare. Once you understand the climate of the area you’ll be heading towards, it will be much easier to prepare accordingly using the above items. Happy hiking!

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