The Front Room Collection by Caitlin Batchelor

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Catrine Haland_the frontroom_04
Take a look at the front room, a debut collection from London-based designer Caitlin Batchelor, based on the concept of migration during the 60s and 70s, captured by fashion photographer Catrine Haland and styled by Tahnee Mitra.

Looking at the idea of migration from the West Indies to Britain during these decades. The collection explores this concept by looking at Jamaican suburban youth culture in the 70s and the present date, whilst concurrently looking comparatively at the interiors and ‘the front room’s of Jamaican migrants in the 70s. The collection takes inspiration largely from 1970s interiors; looking at the rich textures, prints and colours that were evident during this time. The main source of inspiration comes from the book ‘The Front Room’ by Michael McMillan. – from Caitlin Batchelor

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Catrine Haland_the frontroom_05
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