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MMSCENE GUIDE: How to Style Fear of God Essentials

Our MMSCENE style experts bring you the ultimate guide on how to style Fear of God Essentials

MMSCENE GUIDE: How to Style Fear of God Essentials

There’s nothing like spending some time at home on your couch to realize the possibilities of all your comfy outfits. However, it appears that it is time to consider upgrading to something a little more refined. Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God Essentials hits the sweet spot between elegance and comfort. label has grown into a force of its own since its debut in early 2018, and provides fans’ greatest and most constant option to get their hands on Lorenzo’s designs, with more frequent drops and more affordable prices. Puffer jackets, sweatsuits, jeans, and other pieces are reimagined in new shapes and colors, according to the now-established trend of earth tones with variations in dark grey, green, and black. Simple clothing with a relaxed fit and a focus on comfort is enriched by the ESSENTIALS branding, which can be seen on practically all of the collection’s items.

Though it may be combined and matched with main line clothing, the offering is distinct from the main line. Essentials is exactly what the name implies: simple pieces in muted tones. Our men’s style editors offer up five fresh new ways to wear your favorite Fear of God Essentials pieces:

The Sweatsuit

We feel there is a simple guideline to follow when putting together a sweatpants and hoodie outfit: Choose items that are the same color and, ideally, from the same set. This results in a monochromatic effect, which may be accentuated with accessories and other colors. It’s both functional and stylish. This is the look for people who want to feel at ease while taking action.

  • The Monochromatic Look

The monochromatic style of all black is both timeless and trendy.
When matched with cool and chunky shoes, an elegant trench coat, and a matching beanie, the sweatpants and hoodie combo becomes athletic yet classy and stylish.

  • The New Neutral

Neutrals can help you expand your wardrobe beyond what it normally is. From beige and lighter browns to darker shades, they all have the ability to complement any color. To begin, choose a color that is similar to your skin tone.

After you’ve selected the right colors, all you have to do now is combine them. The idea is to have some contrast between your pieces; otherwise, everything blends together and becomes monotonous and dull.

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The Smart Casual Outfit

That same sweatshirt may be transformed into a classic look with the right items of clothing, turning heads as soon as you walk through the door. Combine a sweatshirt with a pair of slim-fitting jeans. This will give your outfit an edge and help you appear more put together while being comfy all day, whether you’re headed to work or enjoying casual Friday. Ripped jeans add an additional edge to the outfit. Wear a tee underneath your sweatshirt and a blazer over top. To add texture and color, let the t-shirt to peek out from beneath the sweatshirt. You may try on a variety of blazers to find your personal style. This outfit makes a bold statement in situations when a jacket is required, allowing for a creative and laid-back style that is professional and polished at the same time.

Adding Texture To Your Outfit

Using texture to provide contrast to an otherwise simple fit may give it more depth. Consider the contrasts of soft and hard, polished and dull, and flowing and structured. What makes an outfit interesting if everything is the same? Wearing a piece in your outfit that includes some form of texture will add visual interest to your outfit. Even a monochromatic look, becomes an eye-catcher when texture is involved. You can incorporate textures that you may already have in your wardrobe, like denim, leather, or suede, corduroy, fleece or Sherpa.

One of the best ways to add texture to your outfit while keeping you warm in winter is to layer a hoodie underneath a stylish suede jacket. The combination is fashionable and sleek, as well as providing lots of warmth. Choose a black biker jacket and match it with a black zip-up hoodie to maintain the appearance tough and edgy. Then, for a rocker look, add slim-cut jeans in black or blue for a more urban vibe.

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