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Top 10 Men’s Jacket And Travel Suit Trends You Can Copy This Summer

Here are the top 10 men’s jackets and travel suits for Summer 2020

Top 10 Men's Jacket And Travel Suit Trends You Can Copy This Summer
Image from Tous Les Garçons by Danilo Pavlovic & Katarina Djoric for MMSCENE Magazine

Who says jackets are for winter? Jackets are not meant to be worn only during cold seasons. The truth is that jackets can be worn all year round regardless of the weather.

Jackets serve as the middle ground outfit when you’re in doubt about what to wear. Be it a thin or thick set of clothes, you can put it on. Jackets also encourage you to be a little bit creative about what you wear. Mixing and matching clothes is easy if you go for a jacket. I personally have a Brook Taverner coat, which I have had for many years, but also tend to shop at TM Lewin or C T Shirts depending on what’s available.

Listed here are the top 10 men’s jackets and travel suits that you can copy come summertime:

Top 10 Men's Jacket And Travel Suit Trends You Can Copy This Summer

1. Denim Jacket

This is one of the most well-known jackets that can be worn year-round. It’s hard-wearing, versatile, and loaded with tons of history. Denim jackets began around 1880 but modern denim jackets are based on Levi’s type of denim jackets.

You can wear denim jackets on top of any plain shirt, preferably a white one. You can also wear a denim jacket on top of denim shorts or pants, but make sure to wear a darker shade of denim on the lower half.

2. Bomber Jacket

If the denim jacket is the go-to outfit because it’s perennial, a bomber jacket gives you variety in the ever-changing fashion world. Thin and lightweight bomber jackets are preferred during the summers. Lightweight nylon replicas or a pared-back cotton style can be worn in other seasons as well.

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The plain bomber jacket can be worn with black pants or trousers and sneakers. You can also choose to wear dark cropped trousers with printed shirts to up the ante and smarten the style.

3. Biker Jacket

One of the most timeless men’s wear around is the biker jacket. You can literally wear anything underneath a biker jacket and project a bad-ass personality. Moreover, you can wear a biker jacket all year round.

To pull off the biker jacket look, wear it with washed-up jeans and a plain t-shirt inside. It provides you with an option to have a stylish look in a short time.

Top 10 Men's Jacket And Travel Suit Trends You Can Copy This Summer

4. Anorak

Summers may be sunny but there’s always a possibility of rain. If you’re planning to go outside but are unsure whether it’ll be sunny all day, the anorak is the answer. Anoraks are made up of technical, waterproof fabrics that can protect you from rain.

Wearing an anorak will be best if you’ve got mid-washed jeans and plain shirts, most preferably in the primary colors.

Top 10 Men's Jacket And Travel Suit Trends You Can Copy This Summer

5. Chore Jacket

Made for blue-collar workers in the 1900s, chore jackets have survived the test of time. They’re up there on the list with denim jackets as one of the most stylish men’s wears ever. First made using different hues of blue, several colors are now available.

Chore jackets go best with unlined navy blazers, giving you a casual workwear style. You can also wear a pale blue shirt underneath with navy chinos and clean white shoes.

6. Track Jacket

Pull off your jock fantasy by wearing a track jacket. Perfect as sportswear, this jacket can also be worn with additional bold colors as part of your summer outfit.

Track jackets go best with mid-blue denim shorts and a louder top half. You can finish the look with a pair of running shoes. Casual and daring, the track jacket is one of the must-haves that you can wear during summer.

7. Varsity Jacket

This jacket is loved by preps, jocks, and even men with a high sense of fashion. Varsity jackets are versatile and youthful. They stand on the line between smart-casual and high sportswear.

Varsity jackets suit the grown-up core shapes the best. However, you can still pull off a stylish varsity jacket by wearing plain dark shirts.

8. Field Jacket

One of the most versatile jackets is the field jacket, which can be worn throughout the four seasons. Vintage in design, field jackets suit best if you want to pull off a heritage look in the summer heat.

The trick is to find loose-fitting field jackets that stay true to the original design. The defining characteristic of a field jacket is the set of large pockets that can go with washed-out shades and khaki pants.

9. Down Gilet

Down Gilets are loved and worked-upon by fashion designers for their understated elegance. They were once a preserve of style-phobic country dwellers. However, the mid-layers of this jacket were hemmed for the city-types, too.

You can look for the finer details when choosing a Down Gilet. Also watch out for shiny fabrics and pair it with contrast fabric yoke to personalize the style.

10. Trucker Jacket

This is one of the staples of casual wear that can be worn by men all year round. This jacket is very handy because multiple types of layers can be worn underneath without sacrificing style.

The best way to pull off a trucker jacket is with a pair of jeans and hiking or Chelsea boots. Plain shirts can also complement the style a Trucker jacket lends.


Jackets can be worn all year round, even during summertime. From the traditional denim jacket to the bad-ass vibe of biker jackets, to the style of trucker jackets, you can have all the jackets and pair them with almost anything. Who says jackets are for winter? Not anymore.

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