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Men’s 2019 Biggest Trend

You can use fashion to express yourself and enhance your masculinity

Fashion trends are both exciting and a little scary in equal measure. That’s because it is easy to go wrong, as easy as it is to get it right with a particular trend. The best way to apply trend in your look is to do it sparingly. Nowadays, it is easy to see men diving straight into looks as seen on the runways, and Instagram. These looks are unrelated to how you should dress in the real world. Here is a guide that you can follow to use the most prominent trends currently, as a way of making your core pieces feel up to date.

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1. The warcore trend

This trend is all about tactical vests, pockets on pockets as well as, combat boot. Spearheaded by brands like Off-White and Heron Preston on the runway, it’s all about dressing up for the barricades. It is actually inspired by typical day to day wear such as fleeces, hiking boots, and cargo trousers. You can cleverly apply this trend by layering your outfits and adopting the pockets from the trend. Rather than looking for clothes that look like military supplies, opt for war-adjacent ones. These include garments such as; utility jackets, canvas vests, and buckled backpacks.

2. Ravewear

The rave culture of the nineties is the inspiration behind this trend. Head-to-toe neon was big on the runways this season; with brands such as Acne Studios, Versace and MSGM showcasing their neon fits. However, it is insensible to wear it as the only color in your whole outfit. That’s because it clashes and washes you out. If you use it sparingly though, it can uplift a dull look. A neon knit or shirt can go well with denim, as much as a neon panel on your trainer can look great if paired with a black set of yoga clothing.

3. Pattern Clashing

This season has brought about death to the rules of pattern that had been engraved in stone. Matching small with big and simple with busy, no longer apply. This all at once, the approach can work only if used well. However, miss it by a thread, and you’ll look like you picked whatever you could find to wear. To successfully rock this look go with pattern mixing. Start with the rules then build it up from there. Layer uniform patterns, for instance, horizontal and vertical stripes with dots. You can also clash colors or print.

4. All leather look

The fashion industry has regularly attempted to make you wear leather trousers. This is an excellent example of the detachment between the runways and reality. This is more so since the pants have been joined by leather blazers, vests, and even suits. Realistically, leather clothes are anything but fun in the summer. However, you can wear these trends through leather details. A jacket with leather sleeves, leather panels on sweatshirts and trousers are both trendy and comfortable. You can even choose to go with accessories such as leather backpacks.

You can use fashion to express yourself and enhance your masculinity. The same way yoga clothing from ana heart will give you the confidence to practice your yoga moves; is also how wearing a trend the right way will make you more confident to face the world

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