Outerwear The Ultimate Menswear Investment Piece

Outerwear wardrobe is a true investment opportunity, DSCENE editors investigate how to make the right choices before your next shopping spree:

Igor Cvoro
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Outerwear wardrobe has for a slew of reasons managed to bypass the perils of the fast fashion economy. For many of us investing in that perfect winter jacket, a beautifully tailored coat comes as a prerogative while venturing into menswear shopping.

DSCENE editors investigate prices, importance of going for a known brand, the longevity and fast fashion and the effects of trends.

The Price Of The Perfect Jacket

When shopping for outerwear pieces many of us will already opt to set aside a larger amount. Even though we do have cheaper options a more savvy shopper is aware the price of an outerwear piece can determine the longevity and quality of the garments. One can rightfully ask how much should a good jacket cost me? How much can a timeless coat go for? While fast fashion, especially during the last days of the sale season can offer you coats and jackets for as little as 20 dollars, the price most definitely is the indication of poor quality. Needless to say a cheap coat won’t be made out of wood, won’t be tailored with care and what’s important it won’t keep you warm during winter. The latter comes simply due to the use of materials. Cheaper jackets and coats won’t use any natural materials such as well and cotton ready to protect you from cold temperature. At the same time use of innovative materials is far behind. It falls down garments made of synthetics.

Igor Cvoro

We can’t tell you how much a jacket should cost you, however it is hard to find a quality jacket without investing 300 or more American dollars. Designer coats from top brands are certainly to use the most luxurious materials, such as cashmere wool and merino, yet the same can cost you thousands of dollars.

Value Vs Money Vs Brand

A few brands out there reshaping the way we see outerwear are around for years. What is in common for them is the fact they merge design with functionality and form. Such is the case of Stone Island, a brand founded four decades ago, as part of C.P. Company. A great example of the fusion between functionality and form is the Goggle Jacket by C.P. Company, now over thirty years old, has propelled innovation in outerwear design. Outerwear brands have also managed to extend their collections into fully fledged fashion lines. Such is also the story of C.P. sister brand today stone island shadow project is a collection part of the line featuring everything from winter jackets, parkas, to even shorts and slides.  When it comes to value vs money, these brands truly represent a piece that will actually deliver high performance, timeless style and brand recognition. Pieces from these collections can also hold value even when resold. For many that is the key when deciding to invest into a more expensive garment.


The Longevity of Outerwear

For many of us it is important to have a jacket that is to last for more than a single season. While deciding not to shop for a cheaper jacket is a prerogative for many, on the other hand selecting the right jacket is quite a task. Heritage brands such as Stone Island, C.P.  COMPANY, Burberry and Prada are known for their outerwear pieces lasting for decades. Often this is the case of innovative materials used, many weather resistant but also durable. While price is not the determining factor of longevity for many garments, a higher cost is also a necessity. This comes out of the requirements to produce long lasting materials but also the amount of time gone into tailoring and the overall design process. All of these factors contribute to the longevity of your clothing.

Fast Fashion’s Take on Outerwear

Fast fashion is working hard in response to the growing need for quality outerwear. Yet the means fast fashion brands use to bring you cheaper garments are rightfully criticized. A leather jacket from a fast fashion house can cost you as little as 20 dollars. Yet the question is who is paying for it, if it is not you? Often the true cost bearers are garment industry workers, who are often underpaid. At the same time our global environment is also bearing the cost. Producing materials such as leather, and wool at cheaper cost comes to massive disregard of nature’s resources. That said, shopping fast fashion is also something we all must rethink, necessary changes are sadly a necessity for this growing industry.

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Influence of Trends on Men’s Outerwear

Unlike womenswear, its counterpart menswear is far less impacted by rapidly shifting trends. This also comes from the DNA at the core of menswear. The menswear we see today is still massively influenced by the army uniform. These lines are also the true core of every menswear piece you are to see today. This uniformity also passed onto multiple women’s suits, coats and jackets you see on the runway today. However unlike menswear, womenswear is often far more experimental and thus far more impacted by a possible change of trends set by the fashion industry. However there are a few ways to select menswear outerwear pieces bound to stay in fashion for years to come. Monochrome is likely to stay in trend far longer, also minimal styles are far more resilient to the current of style change.

Lastly, even if your jacket goes out of style one thing is certain. In fashion everything has a comeback!

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