Menswear: 9 Sleek Accessories Every Man Should Own

MMSCENE magazine fashion editors single out 9 must have sleek accessories shaping the essential men’s wardrobe.

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Almost anything that isn’t a shirt or trousers counts as an accessory. From timeless sunnies to classic watches to surfer-style men’s pearl jewelry, the range is vast.

Fact is, there are certain extras no man should go without. Whether you are that man or you’re looking for gift ideas for one, read on to learn about 9 sleek accessories every man should own.

1 Sunglasses

Starting at the top, most men will agree that a pair of cool shades are an absolute must-have. They add panache and attitude to any ensemble. Good-quality sunglasses protect your eyes while adding a certain mystique to your look. Retro styles like Aviators and square Ray Bans are trending right now, but always go with the frame and shape that best suit your face and personal style.

Photo ©Sarin B for MMSCENE Style Stories Online Exclusive

2 Silk Tie

It may seem like the whole world dresses in hoodies and jeans these days, but every single man out there should own not only a good-fitting suit but a tie to go with it as well. When it comes to length, you want it to hit at the belt buckle. You can find ties in lengths ranging from 135 cm to 160 cm. Generally speaking, your tie length will correlate to your height, but things like a larger neck size and a bigger or more elaborate knot will also require extra length. Like sunglasses, the style of your tie will depend on your personal inclinations. But if you already have one or a few standard silk ties, consider a knitted version to add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe.

3 Wristwatch

Digital or analog, casual or dressy, you have plenty of choice when it comes to wristwatches. Digital watches have evolved quite a bit in the last few years. They now have some pretty amazing features and are often waterproof. But just like a necktie, every man should own a handsome wristwatch that is appropriate for formal occasions. Whether a leather strap or a metal band is better suited to your style is a judgement call only you can make.

Photo ©Sarin B for MMSCENE Style Stories Online Exclusive

4 Cufflinks

Cufflinks have been around for centuries. While fasteners have come a long way in that time, every man ought to own a handsome pair of cufflinks. Now with the internet as your worldwide shopping mall, you can find just about anything, from understated black studs to whimsical ones shaped like Batman, fish or the Union Jack. If you only own one pair, stick with a basic style such as jet or mother-of-pearl. But once you get the cufflink bug, you may discover a whole new passion.

5 Bifold Wallet

It goes without saying that a wallet is a must-have. The question is which one to choose. Lifestyle plays a big role here. Leather is a classic that wears well, but ripstop is a newer, equally tough material that appeals to the trendier set. Wallets are going high tech in multiple ways, offering RFID-blocking, flip out ID viewers, and space for your mobile phone. There are also nano-sized bifolds for the minimalists out there.

gucci wallet
Before the coming holiday season we are recommending the Gucci bifold wallet coming from the Italian fashion house’s Fake/Not logo collection

6 Money Clip

While plastic has been gaining ground over cash, plenty of men like to keep some of the paper stuff on hand. If this is your case, use a money clip to keep your cash corralled. When you’re down to your last few bills, a money clip helps keep them secure and easy to find in your pocket. Money clips don’t only hold cash; they can also hold cards. Many money clips have gotten a modern upgrade too and now contain an RFID-blocking chip.

We are recommending the Paul Smith silver money clip featuring multicoloured letters creating the designer’s name and reflecting his free spirited attitude to his collections.
Photo ©Sarin B for MMSCENE Style Stories Online Exclusive

7 Key Ring

Another accessory many men may not give much thought to is their key ring. As fobs have become integrated into keys, we once again have a need for keychains, and why not do it in style? Clip-on keychains may be practical, but they’re a touch clunky. Try a stylish helix keyring instead. Or stow your spare key on a sleek leather loop and never have a valet look down his nose at you again.

We are singling out the Valentino Garavani V-Logo key ring –  the design is homage to the labels 1968 Sala Bianca show with the V logo plague. The key ring is made in Italy from polished metal with a hinge fastened loop.

8 Phone Case

Few men will say that a mobile phone isn’t a necessity, and even fewer will argue that they don’t need protection. Because your mobile is a highly visible accessory, you want a holder that showcases your style. Here again, you have almost limitless options at Burga. Like steampunk? There’s a case for that. Dig old-school VW busses? You can get a case that looks like one. Or get cheeky with an antique rotary phone cover. Of course, practicality matters too, and you’ll probably want one that is shockproof and waterproof, then you can decide if extras like earbud holders or a multi tool kit is also a necessity.

We are singling out Jil Sander Leather Tangle pouch as a timeless and elegant accessory protecting your phone but also set to last for years.

9 Belt

As important as belts are, many men only own one. If you consider a belt to be as necessary to you as your trousers, all the more reason to own a handsome one. Leather is best. It looks good and lasts longer than any synthetic. It’s worth investing in a quality belt since you use it virtually every day. Calfskin is softer, but better for special events as it won’t stand up to daily use. Belt buckles are where you can really show your personality. But if you’re still working on your base wardrobe, stick with full-grain leather and an unobtrusive silver-tone buckle.

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