The 6 F Words of Timeless Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear and the 6 F’s behind it as discussed by MMSCENE contributing editors:

Jon by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

The best outfits work on every layer and level. The wrong underwear will ruin an outfit, in both fit and appearance. In addition to the fashion of it, wearing the right or wrong underwear can make or break your confidence and attitude.


Of course, there is room to play with proportions and your own personal preferences, but the basic principles for properly fitting underwear are these. Buy boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs in the same size as your waist. So, if you have a 36-inch waist, you should buy 36-inch underwear or that size that corresponds to 36 inches.

Jon by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE

You should also wear the waistband across your hips. If the underwear fits you properly, it shouldn’t cover your navel and should not feel restrictive or painful. The overall fit should feel snug, but not tight. The fabric should move with you without bunching. From a fashion perspective, you should consider whether or not you want any part of the underwear to be visible under or outside of your other clothes. Sometimes a hint of underwear looks great with jeans, for example.


Fabric choice matters for both style and function. Choose well-made underwear, with high-quality fabrics. The quality of the fabric will make or break how easy it is to wash over time. If the underwear is well made, it will resist stains and odors no matter how many times it goes through the laundry.

Underwear fabric needs to be breathable if you are planning to wear it for the day. Fabrics that allow air circulation and wick away moisture will provide more than comfort. These features will also minimize rubbing which can lead to skin irritation. More importantly, for your health, breathability means less build-up of the germs that cause odors and infections.

Jon by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE


The feel of your underwear goes beyond the fit and fabric. Think of it like the whole being more than the sum of its parts. Your underwear needs to move with you, in all different positions, over an extended period. It should feel soft and smooth and should move easily with your natural movements. Remember that while it should feel good going on, it is more important that it continues to feel good the entire time you wear it.


Your underwear should have an attractive cut, which will depend on your body and the look you are trying to achieve. Boxer briefs with longer legs cut a different, more athletic impression than their shorter counterparts. The front pouch design provides various amounts of support as well as a range of aesthetics.


No matter how attractive your underwear is, it is a functional garment. It is meant to help you stay healthy and hygienic, as well as ensure the comfortable fit of your top layers.

If your underwear rides up or sags, you have the wrong fit. If any part of it chafes, whether it’s the elastic waistband or fabric of the body of the underwear, you need to assess what aspect of the design isn’t working for you. Some men find that a wide waistband is less likely to roll and pinch. For some skin types, a cotton blend works better than synthetics. If you find that your underwear is preventing the clothes over it from laying smoothly as you move, consider trying a fabric with less friction.

Jon by ©Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE


Whether the whole world sees your underwear or just you do, the right underwear definitely has a great style. Knowing you look great, even down to your bottom layer, is a serious confidence boost and can inspire the assuredness to wear the fashion you want to pull off.

Think of your underwear as the first step to building the vibe and wearability of an outfit. Sleek, cute, sporty, classic, all are looks achievable starting with the right underwear.

Fabric choices don’t have to be just functional; they can also be fun. There are so many colors and patterns on the market, it’s easy to find a pair that strikes the right chord. Of course, if your underwear goal is for it to blend into the background, there are plenty of classic and neutral options too that allow you to focus your attention on your overall look.

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