Tips on a Stylish Approach to the Apartment Design

What should youknow about the overall situation with your home design? Let’s look more precisely at this theme

Tips on a Stylish Approach to the Apartment Design
Photography by ©Koray Erkaya. Image courtesy of Ofist Istanbul

Each of us wants to live in a cozy stylish apartment with impeccable design. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to hire professional decorators. In fact, you can create an elegant and pretty environment with your own hands.

We already talked about the contemporary living room, but what we should know about the overall situation with your home design? Let’s look more precisely at this theme.


  • Lighting
  • Soft furniture
  • Little things in the hallway
  • Creating a color chain
  • Decorative pillows
  • A little bit unsightly
  • Lighting

In my opinion, the right soft light can transform even the most inconspicuous room. But no less important is where it comes from. The most charming option is table lamps in the form of a vase or candlestick with a lampshade.

DIY lamps look no less advantageous. They immediately add personality and style to the room.

The lamp can be a wonderful element in the decoration of the table, sitting corner in the living room. It will be a great starting point for decorating a room. Put a couple of lamps, and match the rest of the decor elements to them. It will turn out to be a very nice ensemble.

How to make your home stylish: upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture should be attractive, cozy, and tempting. If you want to create an inviting living room, be sure to buy some armchairs that ask to be sat in.

Choosing armchairs and sofas is a real pleasure for connoisseurs of comfort. Before purchasing them, pay attention to the spaciousness, upholstery, backrest, and armrests. All of these parameters must be flawless.

I am absolutely sure that correctly selected furniture is the foundation on which the whole interior rests.

Buy as A Set

Buying a furniture set is an easy way to furnish a room without going into too much detail. If the living room is small, and you don’t want to buy furniture separately, it is logical to look after a set consisting only of upholstered furniture.  To find all possible types of furniture sets you might have to check out local outlets, and local resellers. Some of the best are not even online, yet many advertise on social media or you can simply ask around with friends who bought vintage furniture.

Tips on a Stylish Approach to the Apartment Design
Photography by ©Koray Erkaya. Image courtesy of Ofist Istanbul

Choosing a coffee table and TV stand and keeping the overall style will not be too difficult.

A set of upholstered furniture is usually bought for the living room: a sofa plus two armchairs and a coffee table; a wall with TV stand, a dining table with a set of chairs.

For the bedroom, you can buy a bedroom set. Inexpensive bedroom sets usually include a bed, two bedside tables, and a wardrobe, in full options a chest and a mirror are added. The simplicity of this approach translates into a predictable interior that is standard and rather bland. But buying a set is absolutely justified if you are not sure of your own taste, prefer a classic style in the interior, or simply adore symmetry and style uniformity. And you can play with wallpaper, picture frames, and textiles.

Little things in the hallway

The entrance hall is, in fact, the most important place in the house, because it is from it that the acquaintance with the apartment begins. But at the same time, it is the most functional room in which thousands of small things are usually stored. To prevent the room that welcomes guests from turning into a dump, you need to provide many places for storing things.

These can be baskets, trays, cups, and boxes. All of them are perfect for storing keys, glasses, letters, and other sundries. In addition, they will give home charm and neatness to the room. Small shelves are also suitable for these purposes.

Creating a color chain

Want to combine all rooms? Take advantage of the play of colors. If in one of your rooms the wallpaper is blue, put several items of the same shade in another room (this could be furniture, a lamp, a vase, or just a blanket). This approach will help create a harmonious ensemble throughout the house. It will look like a single whole.

Decorative pillows

The main “cozy” of any room is pillows. They can be placed on a sofa, in armchairs, or simply on the floor, depending on the shape and size. Remember this simple rule: if the room has a sofa or armchair, it should have pillows.

They add hospitality to any space.

Choose soft pillows that are pleasant to lean on. Never buy rigid and bulky ones. They will destroy the charm of any living room.

Tips on a Stylish Approach to the Apartment Design
Photography by ©Koray Erkaya. Image courtesy of Ofist Istanbul

A little bit unsightly.

In creating an interior, as in life, there is one rule: balance. If you want your room to look residential and inviting, add a dash of ugly to a flawless interior. For example, in a room decorated in pastel colors, you definitely need to put something gloomy – gray or black. These items will not only emphasize the tenderness of the décor, but they themselves will look profitable, acquire a new face

A little ugly destroys the ideality of the interior and makes the room more inhabited and soulful.

The luxury of the interior is not the price of finishing materials, but the style that manifests itself in every little detail. When decorating an apartment, remember that stylish means that everything is in its place and in harmony. Better to miss something than overdo it.

All Images from Karakoy Loft by Ofist Istanbul – See the full story here


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