Careers That Help People To Take Care of Themselves

Often it is our jobs that stop us from really taking care of ourselves, and that is a big problem that many people have.

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It is vital that we are all able to take care of ourselves as much as possible. We need to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink enough water, for example. We need to get enough sleep and do the right amount of exercise.

It can be hard to do all of this and work full time as well. Often it is our jobs that stop us from really taking care of ourselves, and that is a big problem that many people have. However, there are some careers that mean you can both earn money and take care of yourself, so if you’re keen to find out which careers will allow you to do this read on.

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It is clear that modelling is a career that allows people to take care of themselves. In order to be a model, you will need to eat well and exercise regularly. Without taking care of yourself, your modelling career won’t get very far.

Models need to look good in order to sell the clothes they are wearing; that is their main job. However, the more famous you are as a model, the more responsibility you have to be healthy. Many people – possibly young people who want someone to look up to – will want to follow what you do, and with the advent of social media, this happens more and more. By looking after yourself, you are helping them to do the same.


Nurses have an amazing job to do – They need to be there to take care of their patients in a medical way, but they also need to be there to look after them in an emotional way. This is why, as a nurse, you don’t just need to know about medicine and how to administer it; you need to be compassionate and caring too.

Nurses have the added skill of being able to help people take care of themselves. As they progress in their careers, taking DNP executive leadership programs online nurses will meet many thousands of people. Each one will need some kind of care, and the nurse’s job is to help them achieve that care.

A nurse will understand how the body works, and therefore will be able to let people know exactly what they need to do to stay healthy, or to become healthier after an accident or illness. Read more about different nursing programs to become the type of nurse that best fits your skills.

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer has the job of keeping people fit and healthy. They will take a person or group of people and create the ideal exercise routines for them, as well as offering diet advice.

These two things combined will help those seeking the help of a personal trainer the chance to take care of themselves. Having a personal trainer is a useful addition to any exercise routine and weight loss programme since it means that there is someone to be held accountable to. The personal trainer will be able to ensure that their clients are following the right routines and eating the right food, and for the client themselves, they can be sure of getting praise when they have done well, which is something that will help them to keep going even when it is hard to.

Massage Therapist

A massage therapist has an important job to do. They must help their clients to relax and unwind, and then they need to physically loosen tight muscles.

What’s wonderful about being a massage therapist is that you can help people who were unable to move properly before gain full or partial motion. You can relieve sire muscles. You can help people to feel less stressed. All of this will help them to begin to take care of themselves. Once the initial work is done, they will be able to stay much healthier in the future.


Is may sound strange, but a healthy mouth can lead to a healthier body. When the mouth is unhealthy, full of decay and pain, the rest of the body can easily follow suit. Everything is connected, and if your teeth are unhealthy, you could be setting yourself up for other diseases such as problems with your immune system and heart issues. Not only that, but unsightly teeth will cause you to lose confidence in yourself.

Therefore, going to the dentist regularly isn’t just about keeping your teeth and gums healthy; it’s about keeping your entire body healthy, including your mind. A dentist will be able to talk through how to ensure you are brushing your teeth correctly, and how to floss. They’ll be able to recommend mouthwash and other dental products. When a patient knows more about how to take care of their teeth, they will be unwittingly taking care of their entire body too.

Photo ©Guillaume Malheiro for MMSCENE


A nutritionist needs to know everything about diet and nutrition and will share that knowledge with their clients. This is a wonderful way to help people take care of themselves, as a poor diet can be the cause of many other problems such as:

• Obesity
• Heart disease
• Lung disease
• Ulcers
• Depression

The better your diet, the healthier you are in general, and the more you can do. For example, the more fruit and vegetables you eat the more energy you will have, and this means you are more capable (and willing) when it comes to exercise.

A nutritionist will be able to help their clients understand the relationship between health and food and how eating well can prevent or improve chronic illnesses. They will develop healthy eating plans and generally help people to take care of themselves when it comes to food.

Personal Care Aid

A personal care aid is someone who works in a hospital, nursing home, or perhaps who visits patients in their own home to ensure they have the support they need. They might visit the elderly, the disabled, or those recovering from a serious illness or accident.

Personal care aids will help with everyday chores around the home such as cooking and cleaning, but they will also help the patient to dress and groom, and may even run errands if necessary. They will also help to entertain their patients by reading to them or playing games.

Over time, some of the tasks that they carry out maybe something that the patient themselves can do, hence the ability to help people take care of themselves. Even if they cannot do this by themselves, having someone who comes into their home or hospital room and looks after them specifically can help with feelings of depression and loneliness.

Social Worker

Social workers are there to help individuals and families when they are facing the worst situations of their lives. Social workers are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of their clients and ensuring that they are as happy and healthy as possible.

A social worker can help those who have had trouble in the past settle into a new life. They may be children who have just come out of the foster system, for example, and are now living alone. Perhaps they are parents suffering from the loss of a child. Someone may have been let out of prison and is having trouble adjusting to their freedom.

A social worker will ensure that these people and many more can fend for themselves and live by themselves, eventually contributing fully to society.

Preschool Teacher

We must never forget the importance of the preschool teacher in this list of professions that help people take care of themselves. After all, when a young child is taken to preschool for the first time, they will often have no idea of what they are meant to do in such circumstances. Even if their parents have tried to ready them for the occasion, they will still be confused and unsure – it will be an entirely new situation.

A preschool teacher’s first job is to settle the child into the nursery environment, and then they must help to teach them how to manage by themselves. This could be anything from learning why it is important to put their toys away to helping them go to the bathroom or how to use a knife and fork. These skills and many more are taught at a young age and will then be useful for the rest of that child’s life.

Preschool teachers have to deal with many different children from all kinds of walks of life, and they all become more well-rounded individuals who are able to take care of themselves because of it.


A cosmetologist helps people to look and feel good using makeup. Although this may not seem like the kind of career that will help someone to take care of themselves, it is actually exactly that.

By learning how to apply makeup and what kind of makeup to use, people can help themselves to look the way they want to, and that boosts confidence. Being confident in life is not something that comes naturally to everyone, and so anything that can help is a bonus.

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