4 Insights For Exploring A New City In Style

Moving to a new city in the new year? Here are some tips from MMSCENE magazine editors helping you navigate a new city in style:

Photo ©Clara Copley for DSCENE

The new year is here, and that offers 365 opportunities for getting out there and exploring this world. Doing so can help round you off as an individual, learn more about other cultures, and become a little more worldly. If you’re looking to invest in yourself, there’s almost nothing better to texture your outlook than this.

But who said you couldn’t travel in style? Certainly not us. Finding a healthy outlet for getting out there, learning what interests you, and managing the general administration of travel is important. That’s why we’re putting together a new-year guide for exploring a fresh city in style. That way, you can head out there, meet new people, enjoy culture, and spend time shopping in some of the most prized places on Earth.

So far, so good. But where are the practical tips for starting? Let’s consider that, below:

Research Local Fashion Trends

You’d be surprised how different fashion norms can be from place to place, even in cosmopolitan areas where the population is highly diverse. That’s not to say you need to wear full traditional dress or that even the locals do, but it can be a fun approach to practice your fashion in distinct areas. For example, in Berlin, there’s an emphasis on thrift pieces and streetwear, while for those who focus on fashion in London, there’s a focus on bolder accessories and eccentricities. These trends shift and develop over time and can alternate every time you visit, which is why it’s so fun to research and see how you fit that space.

Incorporate Local Artisanal Finds

Fashion is not only self-expression, it can serve as a fantastic memento to appreciate over time. Incorporating local artisanal finds can help you express your time in that city, while also supporting the more dedicated businesses of the area. That might involve a beautiful leather strap watch from a vintage store, handmade jewellery from a given area, or classical items worn with a hint of irony and fun. What better way to prove you’ve enjoyed Tokyo than wearing a suit purchased from a discerning tailor?

Photo ©Clara Copley for DSCENE

Consider Weather & Cultural Influences

Of course, travel in London during the winter time will be starkly different from heading into New Dehli during the height of the celebration period. Considering how this affects your dress, layering and cultural authenticity can be ideal. Wearing robes and scarfs to help you respect the cultural dress shows you’re integrating into the culture and appreciative of it, which will help you better connect with the locals. Moreover, no cultural garb ever develops without practicality at the forefront, and so holding on to your usual dress will usually put you at a disadvantage for obvious reasons anyway. This way, you can become more prepared when travelling through a variety of weather conditions while still retaining the style you’re known for, either to enjoy personally or for those candid vacationing snaps.

Manage The Practicalities Of Travel & Style

The truth is that travel takes organization and care to get right, and that certainly goes double when you have so many clothes and purchases to handle. You can’t drag your walk-in wardrobe with you, which is why some accommodations have to be made. Purchasing a high-quality suitcase with several different compartments, vacuum-sealing certain clothes in packs to help free them of wrinkles and dust from place to place, and bringing a few portable hangers if you need them can be ideal. You may even neglect bringing essentials like underwear and pajamas given how cheap they are to purchase in various places across the world, saving you valuable packing space.

In addition to that, luggage storage services can provide a hold on your suitcases while you plan the day. It’s not uncommon to arrive in a city with a hotel only available until the evening, leaving you walking around with bags on bags. It’s hard to be stylish with ten suitcases hanging from every limb, which is why planning this can help. That way, you get to head for brunch, mocktails, and even attend a show without being weighed down by all the luggage you have to deal with.

Photo ©Clara Copley for DSCENE

With this advice, you’re certain to explore a new city in style and do so with confidence. There’s nothing quite like expanding your horizons to round you off as a person, but no one ever said you had to look dishevelled for the privilege. This way, if you head to the city for a modelling job, the flustering nature of travel won’t dispel your opportunity.

All images photographed on the streets of London by photographer Clara Copley for the debut issue of DSCENE Magazine – discover more

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