7 Tips and Tricks to Making a Successful Handmade Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day Card is as important as a gift – with time running out this year here’s a quick guidelines helping you make a perfect handmade Valentine’s Day Card:

Photo © Benjo Arwas

The day that celebrates love is coming soon. Not that love shouldn’t be recognized on a daily basis, just February the 14th adds up special magic that permeates the air and lets everybody feel it. Romantic dinners, surprising trips, proposals following  tears of happiness, and, of course, gifts exchange. Some people prefer getting unexpected presents, others preorder and get exactly what they wanted. However, there is one common thing that will definitely be appreciated by most people, if not all – a handmade sentimental gift. Gift with the soul! Why not a handmade Valentine’s Day card? Let’s see how to make it successfully and with love.

Focus on preferences

Looking for the valentine’s card ideas you can use such an easy in use tool as Crello. I believe no problem will occur here since you are certainly well-aware of the color preferences, elements, pictures, texture. Having organized that information in order, you know what direction to move.

Personalized design

Handmade does not mean you are totally forbidden to turn for help of various graphic design apps. They are rich in craft supplies. Your soul will be guiding you through choosing templates and graphical elements. Your hands will be pressing the keys and picking the color palette to adorn the card that will be appreciated since made with the exact preferences in mind. The whole process of work with an app is triggered by love. Therefore, it is handmade with love and your soul in it.

Photo © Benjo Arwas

Pop-up elements

Who says that the romantic card should be all pinkey-lovey-dovey thingy…Some humor is always valued. Romance should not be boring. Spice your craft up with some interactive elements. If the card has a big heart( containing capitalized “LOVE” in the middle) on the cover, it doesn’t mean there can’t be a popping-up chubby angel-baby, that appears, when your masterpiece is opened. Funny and still loving. 

Real photo in use

Imagine the card, covered in hearts. That every heart has a tiny picture of you two in certain milestones of the period of your couple’s life. It is OK if some of them contain her photo with mascara goops, that she got when laughing hard at something you’ve done. Too touchy, too personal, shares intimacy. Choose the best photo for the spread of the card. Of course, there is no such purpose as to make your loved one cry, but believe me, those photos will entitle some crying thing to happen.

Music is a killer

Keep on impressing! One episode from sitcom Friends should be an inspiration – Janice’s love-tape for Chandler. She may not fight for Emmy, but for the best romantic reward, she definitely does. Go even further, let your card sound with your taped either sound ( created by you) or several words sung by you. Besides craft supplies, you will need a  sound module and probably some tutorial on how to personalize the sound. Opt in for a digital card. Still impressive.

Multifunctional purpose

Who says that the card can’t transform into an invitation to a candle-light dinner or romantic weekend. Place the decorative elements as if it is just a card, add text frosted with your dearest feelings. Afterwards, place a tiny text with a piece of invitation information and see how carefully the significant other will read the content of the card.

Borrowed ideas are worthy ideas

Some ideas might not easily flow and transform themselves into tangible creative projects. For example, some Valentines and Valentines just adore minimalism. Bear it in mind, when cutting the one hundred eleventh golden heart…and it is just for the cover of the card. Be considerate, search for the inspiration boards if you have no idea how may minimalism embody in the Valentine’s card. Do not feel ashamed that the ideas are borrowed. You still make an effort researching and doing your best at creating the algorithm generating the one that suits you best.

Photo © Benjo Arwas


Handmade stuff always contains personal touch and tells others that the creator cares. Sometimes it is hard to find a gift that will really show how much somebody means to you. Therefore there is only one way to fix the problem – to do it on your own. Yes, it might be totally odd, or weird, or say that art might not be a priority on your hobby list. It is totally fine. Present-day reality from a technological perspective lets pretty much everyone walk a mile in artistic shoes. With all the offline supplies and apps developed anything you have in mind may get transformed into a pretty little thing, that will say more than something pricey and soulless. Handmade Valentine’s Day cards generated for your loved ones are an epitome of a pure feeling and always a win. Just do one this year and you will never regret it.

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