How To Choose A Perfume She’ll Love

If you’re afraid of wasting your time and money, or risk having your feelings hurt, perhaps these perfume shopping tips will help

How To Choose A Perfume She’ll Love
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There’s nothing more captivating than the power of scent. When you get a whiff of something that smells good, it evokes many emotions and even unlocks memories. Wearing the right fragrance boosts your confidence, as it commands attention and sparks conversation. It’s like a magnetic force field that draws people to you. With all these positive attributes, why wouldn’t you want to buy fragrances for the special woman in your life?

Most men tend to shy away from perfume as a gift idea because selecting the right one is challenging. There are thousands of fragrances for women. Although they say, it’s the thought that counts, the wrong selection could end up on her dresser for ages (or regifted). If you’re afraid of wasting your time and money, or risk having your feelings hurt, perhaps these perfume shopping tips will help.

See What She Uses Currently

The first suggestion is to find out what types of perfumes she currently wears. You can check her dresser to see which bottles are most frequently used or bring it up in a random conversation one day. If she’s wearing designer perfumes, like the Le Labo Santal 33, and you’re on a budget, you can always go with a high quality dupe version, such as the Chez Pierre Avenue 330 perfume. If you want the perfume to be a surprise or gift for a special occasion, be careful not to bring it up too close to the event, or she might get suspicious.

Dig A Little Deeper

If you don’t mind a little detective work, you can dig a little deeper to find out what types of fragrances she enjoys. For instance, if she enjoys magazines, check if any perfume pages have a bunny ear or if she’s used the sample. Another option is to ask her closest friends and family for advice.

Take Her Shopping

Okay, taking her to shop for perfume seems like the easy way out. However, there’s a twist to this concept. Tell your girlfriend or wife that you’re looking for the perfect scent for your mother, sister, or another female relative. Explain that you have no idea what you’re looking for and could use her assistance.

Chances are she’ll be thrilled to lend a helping hand. While you’re there, pay attention to the types of perfumes she chooses. If you saw her pick up a bottle of Jadore by Dior, try it on, and inhale with pleasure or excitement, you could always go back and buy it later. Who knows? She may even come right out and say which brands she likes and why.

How To Choose A Perfume She’ll Love
Photography by ©Jose Espaillat

Get Help From A Sales Rep

If you’re still having difficulty deciding which perfume to get for your significant other, you could always ask a salesperson. They’ll ask you some questions to get a feel for your girlfriend’s personality, style, and fragrance preferences. Then, they bring you samples of options they believe would be a good fit. You can test them out and see which ones appeal to you.

Sample Gift Sets

If you can’t decide, there’s always the choice to buy sample gift sets. These are miniature bottles of a variety of perfumes packaged together. Your partner can try each scent and decide which ones were her favorite. Then you have options if you choose to buy her fragrances in the future.

Keep It Subtle

Last but not least, purchase a subtle perfume. Something light and airy or gentle with a hint of floral works well. You might even consider trying something like SeekBamboo’s jasmine or lavender essential oil instead of going with a traditional perfume. If your girlfriend likes the fragrance, she can wear it as a standalone. However, if she prefers stronger scents, she could always use the perfume you got her for a layering effect that pairs well with her other fragrances.

Gift-giving is a common practice in relationships. Eventually, getting your significant other the same things gets old, and you need something new. Perfume is one of those things that most women can appreciate (when you get a fragrance she likes). So, why not step up to the challenge and give it a good old-fashioned try? Use the suggestions listed above to find a perfume your girlfriend will love. At the very least, the gift for her becomes the admiration of how hard you tried to put a smile on her face.

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