Travelling in Style: How to Master Luxury Holidays

Everybody deserves the best vacation, here’s a few tips how to plan and save on a Luxury Holiday while travelling in style.

Luxury Holidays
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If you appreciate the finer things in life, such as good clothing and exceptional cuisine, it is likely you will want your travel experience to match your taste. Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can elevate a trip at home or abroad.

Rather than settling for an average holiday either alone or with your loved ones, aim to travel in style on your next getaway. Here are some helpful tips on how to master luxury travel.

Last Minute Way To Fly Business or First Class

If you want to avoid compact economy seats that can be the opposite of comfortable, upgrade your flight to either business class or first class. It will allow you to recline in a comfortable seat throughout your journey, so you will feel both relaxed and refreshed once a plane touches down at a destination. What’s more, you can enjoy a delicious meal, a glass of wine and exceptional customer service throughout the flight. You will never want to fly economy again!

Luxury Holidays
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However understandably flying business or first class can be extremely expensive, be on the lookout for deals by booking your flight in advance. Also, quite a few airlines are now offering last minute upgrades to business or first class. These last minute upgrades also come through a bidding system, the lowest bid can come at expense starting from only forty to fifty US dollars and can easily bump you to the first or business. By flying first or business you are generating a far greater number of points or miles, which will help you save on your future flights while enjoying your own version of luxury holidays.

Embrace Privacy with a Luxury Villa

Many travellers immediately browse the best hotels when planning a trip at home or abroad. However, rather than staying at a busy hotel, which can offer limited facilities and will force you to queue for sun loungers, book a luxury villa instead. For example, if you are considering booking holidays in Spain for your family or group of friends, the spacious accommodation will allow you each to enjoy greater privacy and indulge in sheer relaxation.

Luxury Holidays
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This is extremely helpful if you are travelling with a group of friends, splitting the bill for renting a will with a group of friends will not only give you a chance to rent a luxury villa, it will also allow you to save! Renting a big villa in Ibiza for example can save on travel expenses for both you and your friends, rather than paying expensive hotel bills. In addition staying in a holiday villa, naturally gives you the freedom you would have staying in your own home. Luxury holidays do not have to be expensive by default, and a luxury villa if rented out with a bigger number of friends can be more comfortable and affordable than a hotel.

Hire a Chauffeur

Rather than jumping into a taxi or climbing aboard a public transfer after a flight, arrange for a professional chauffeur to pick you up from an airport. Once you land, he or she will be waiting to transport you straight to your accommodation, so it can be the perfect way to relax and kickstart a well-deserved holiday once you have made your way through airport security.

Organising a chauffeur in advance could actually add up to your savings, very often our taxi and Uber bills end up costing us much more than paying pre-arranged driver service. Nevertheless, make sure the chauffeur service comes with a set fee. Often this fee may be same or slightly higher than grabbing a taxi at an airport, and relaxing and not worrying about the pick up is what defines luxury holidays.

Book a Table at a Michelin Star Restaurant

If your destination allows, book a table at a Michelin Star restaurant, which is the epitome of fine dining. By doing so, you can be confident you will enjoy a delicious, unique dish from a world-respected chef. The gastronomy experience is sure to be a highlight of your trip. Make sure to book a table weeks before your trip, not only will you find a more affordable experience you will also have a secure table. Finding a table in a Michel Star Restaurant only a few days before the date it’s pretty much impossible, you should not even think about heading into such a restaurant without a prior reservation.

Photo ©Kimber Capriotti for MMSCENE

Organise a Private Tour Guide

A private tour guide will take the time to walk you through a destination, providing stories and facts about a landmark, neighbourhood or local architecture, which can help you to gain a deeper understanding about a town or city’s history, culture and characters. So, look for a respected, certified tour guide, who could help you to develop a different perspective on a destination.

Learning and discovering new things is a true telling of luxury holidays, investing in a private tour guide is certainly to give you a memorable trip.

Enjoy a Birdseye View of a City or Resort

If you want to see a city, town or resort from a whole new angle, consider booking a helicopter tour during your holiday. It will allow you to take in the true beauty of a destination at approximately 25,000 feet in the air. It is one travel experience you will never forget.

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