5 Important New Year’s Resolutions For Finding Love

Is finding love in the new year your main resolution? Here are 5 important and easy tips to follow from our Dating and Lifestyle editors:

5 Important New Year’s Resolutions For Finding Love
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Dreaming of an absolutely electrifying, heart-pounding romance for the New Year? With a fresh year comes a legion of opportunities to find true love. While it isn’t always easy to dip a toe into what can be a very icy dating pool, resolving to take more chances in love, will lead to more excitement in both romance and in your personal life. Ready to resolve to find love in 2020? Read on for five easy New Year’s resolutions that could lead to your most romantic year yet!

#1 Resolve to Be Yourself

Resolving to be your genuine self is the first step in opening up your heart to a real relationship. Statistics show that 61% of daters lie about who they are on a first date. That’s like crafting the foundation of your relationship on a mud pit. You want a potential paramour to fall in love with the real you, not the version of yourself you think will win over a mate. Trust that who you are is more than enough for the right person and embrace your passions. This will not only deepen your sense of self, but it will also make you truly beguiling to a potential date!

#2 Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

Odds are, you’re thoroughly invested in the Rom-Com ideal of a meet-cute. Unfortunately, most relationships don’t begin in a utopian Hollywood way. Finding a great date means going outside of your comfort zone and trying something new. There is no one size fits all solution to meeting the right person. Go online. Try apps like Bumble or eHarmony. Perhaps search speed dating events near me today and give that a go if you’re feeling daring. A whopping 45 percent of the population is single and unattached, which means the odds are in your favor.

5 Important New Year’s Resolutions For Finding Love
Photo ©Julian Wohlgemut for DSCENE

#3 Ditch the Mental Checklist

In dating, it is common to have a checklist of attributes that our perfect partner must possess. Unfortunately, a checklist often fixates on the superficial–must have dark hair or piercing blue eyes. Statistically speaking, less than 1 out of every 100 suitors will hit more than 3 of these checkmarks. Limiting qualifiers filter out non-contenders, but they also exclude those who could potentially be a great match. Ditch the checklist and focus on deal-breakers instead. Deal-breakers pull your attention to internal beliefs or behaviours, rather than external features.

#4 Be More Available

Part of finding a great match is putting yourself into situations where other singles can get to know the real you. If you tend to be someone who heads straight home after work for a Netflix binge, there’s little potential for you to find a date. Rather than sticking to your routine, put yourself in more social situations. Join social clubs, attend speed dating events, or even take a dance class.  Each of these things puts you in a situation where you could run into someone special.

5 Important New Year’s Resolutions For Finding Love
Photo ©Julian Wohlgemut for DSCENE

#5 Get Down With Rejection

Rejection is fundamental in life and love. Statistics show that 63 percent of men are rejected when asking a woman out on a date. For women, that number is around 27 percent. That’s quite a bit of rejection.  With that said, you never would have learned how to ride a bike if you hadn’t eventually leaned into the idea of possibly falling. In dating, you’re going to get rejected if you ask a lot of people out.  Learn to lean into that rejection in the new year and you’ll find that taking more chances in love comes naturally.

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