5 Personality Driven Proposal Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

How to make a proposal right? Here are a few tips from MMSCENE’s dating and relationships editor:

5 Personality Driven Proposal Ideas – The Ultimate Guide
Photo ©Petros Kouiouris for MMSCENE

Are you having trouble deciding how to pop the question to your lady? This is normal for most men as there’s an imminent threat of denial that brings a lot of pressure.

Before you even pop the question, you got to get the right ring. You can start by purchasing a princess cut diamond engagement ring for this heightened endeavour. Otherwise, you’ll need to nail down the perfect date, scenery, and timing.

With your partner’s personality in mind, read through these ideas and decide what may work perfectly for her.

1) A Dinner for Two

This is a classic way to propose to a lady. This works for a lady who adores the quintessential set up. If you are the shy couple that needs their privacy, consider having your dinner at a secluded location. However, if isolated dinners aren’t your thing, this may kill the element of surprise.

A fairly crowded restaurant works well if you are less shy yourself; only the lady is allowed to be shy here. The thrill in this is that a few people will definitely spot you getting on one knee, so expect a round of applause.

2) A Good Busy Day

Talk to a vendor who owns the roadside snack shop you frequent with your loved one. Ask them to put up a sign with a lovely proposal message of your choice; for instance, a romantic remark that she’s aware of.

  • After picking her up from work or home, routinely drive to your favourite stopover.
  • At this point, try to keep her eyes away from the sign by encouraging a normal chat.
  • Once you approach the shop, act like you haven’t seen the sign until she notices it.
  • Right when she does, perhaps right after her first spoon of ice cream, go ahead with the proposal. This is your green light, as she looks at you, or signals for your attention, she ought to find you on your knee

If you do this right, you may not have to say much as she may be overwhelmed by your dramatic approach.

5 Personality Driven Proposal Ideas – The Ultimate Guide
Photo ©Petros Kouiouris for MMSCENE

3) A Visit to the Beach on Blooming Summer

The beach almost gives you away when attempting to propose as the mood already oozes with romance. However, this is a good spot if you chose to conveniently hide under the cover of a good summer beach date. Bring a few candles and flowers to the beach and wait for the sunset to make your move. Be sure to bring a concealed camera to record this memorable moment.

4) Bring the Squad

Have you been dating her for some time now and everyone around you, including your family and friends, know that you’ve got something going on? A group proposal can be quite creative and convenient for the shy guy. Remember to change the proposal message on the giant sign from “will you marry me” to something creative and less awkward.

5 Personality Driven Proposal Ideas – The Ultimate Guide
Photo ©Petros Kouiouris

5) A Relationship Milestone Video

Creatively compile a video of all your moments in the relationship into a single video clip to cast at your preferred location. While you are chilling watching your favorite TV series, slot in a per-edited milestone video in your playlist and get back to cuddling like normal. Have your ring conveniently close and pop the question as soon as the video stops playing.

If you are not the shy couple, have this video played at a movie theater or family event.

Bottom Line

The secret to a good marriage proposal is to make it personal; make it true to your relationship. There’s no need to overthink it as your woman only expects you to be straightforward and thoughtful. Pick one of these ideas and go for it!

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