MMSCENE GUIDE: Travel Safety Tips

Staying safe while you travel on your Next Modelling Assignment

MMSCENE GUIDE Travel Safety Tips

As a model, travel is taken for granted. And as you start out on your career, there may be some problems that you encounter while travelling, especially to foreign countries. Here are a few tips that will help you stay safe while you travel on your next modelling assignment.

Beware of Scams.

When you are traveling abroad on assignment, beware of scammers. Do your research so that you are aware of how you could possibly get cheated. Google scams about the country that you are going to visit so that you are well-prepared.

MMSCENE GUIDE Travel Safety Tips

Keep Emergency Numbers Handy.

If you are facing an emergency, it is difficult to think of the local police number at such a stressful time. Create a small card, preferably laminated, with all the necessary numbers listed there. Keep it in your wallet or somewhere on your person so that you can easily access it.

Keep Your Valuables Locked Up.

Keep your valuables safely locked up while you are travelling. Ask about secure storage where you are staying and if you want to carry your expensive equipment with you, use a slash-proof backpack.

MMSCENE GUIDE Travel Safety Tips

Email Your Travel Plans to Your Friends and Family.

While you may be traveling with your crew, it would best to keep someone at home informed about your travel itinerary. That way, if they don’t hear from you, they will know to be worried.

Learn Basic Self-Defense Skills.

When your demands that you travel a lot, it is only logical that you learn to protect yourself. And the best part about learning self-defense is that it will also be a workout – which is good for you, and what your profession requires!

MMSCENE GUIDE Travel Safety Tips

Be Careful When Traveling by Road.

No matter where you go, highways can be dangerous. Truck accidents are common, and you don’t want to cut your trip, life or career short by involved in one. So, travel safe – drive carefully and buckle-up.

Have Emergency Cash Handy but Hidden.

Always carry emergency cash. However, make sure that you hide it away carefully. You can have a secret pocket sewn into your pants. You can also put it in a patch on the back of your backpack, or roll the money into an empty chapstick container. There are many more ways to hide your money safely. Get creative!

Be Careful About the Food and Water.

While it’s great to be adventurous about the food you eat when you travel, make sure that you do so with a certain amount of caution. Here are a few tips that travel pros recommend:

  • Eat at places that are popular and have long lines.
  • Ensure that you mention your allergies.
  • Avoid eating raw food.
  • Drink mineral bottled water

Don’t Use Your Back Pocket.

A simple safety precaution when you’re traveling to strange lands – and with many modelling assignments, you will travel to many, many strange lands – it is best to not use your back pocket. The best option is a money belt, but you can also store your money and your phone in your front pocket.

Keep a First Aid Kit Handy.

It is always best to keep a basic first aid kit at hand, even if you’re traveling with a group. This kit should include basic antiseptic, band aids, sunscreen, re-hydration salts, anti-histamines that suit you, and pain pills prescribed by your doctor.

While you enjoy your travels, and also grow in your work, it is best to be safe. And taking a few precautions will only ensure that you are able to put your best foot forward and really succeed.

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