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Unhappy With Your Height? Here’s How to Improve and Feel Better

Unhappy With Your Height
Top model Sean O’pry on the streets of Milan – Photo ©Ariel Chen for DSCENE/MMSCENE

It’s no fun being one of the shortest people in the room. It takes a toll on you mentally can be very debilitating having people constantly look down on you, literally and figuratively. Even if you are of average height I’m sure you’ve felt like being taller would enhance your life in many ways. Genetics play a major role in how your body grows throughout your life, but there are ways, always, you can improve your height and feel taller, no matter the age.

Correct Your Posture

A lot of people walk through life with their head down and back hunched. This could be from their upbringing and not feeling great about themselves. Maybe they slouch while sitting and procured a habit that seeped into the way they move.

Correcting your posture not only makes you look and feel taller, but it gives you a sense of self-confidence. It sends out a signal to others that you are not to be overlooked, even if you are shorter. To overcome bad posture, check out some exercises that are designed to eliminate it, and constantly have awareness of your posture when you sit, sleep and walk.

Photo ©Ariel Chen for DSCENE/MMSCENE

Exercise and Stretching

Being active in your life not only is great for your health but can stimulate more growth in your body, even if you are past adolescence. It’s better to start when you are young to allow natural growth, but regular exercise releases HGH (Human Growth Hormones) from your pituitary gland that could possibly squeeze out a couple more inches out of you.

Stretching also releases great amounts of stress in your lower back and other areas of the body to allow you to maximize your height and feel loose.

Unhappy With Your Height
Photo ©Ariel Chen for DSCENE/MMSCENE

Balanced Diet

Consuming the wrong foods and substances could spell disaster for your dreams of being taller. It should go without saying that eating fast food everyday isn’t going to make you taller. Adopting a more healthy and balanced diet promotes promotes growth and doesn’t bog you down. It gives you the nutrients you need to have the best shot at having your ideal height, especially in your formative years.

It’s best to avoid any substance that may inhibit your growth. That includes smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and many believe over-consumption of caffeine could permanently stunt your growth.

Unhappy With Your Height
Photo ©Ariel Chen for DSCENE/MMSCENE

Get the Proper Amount of Sleep

Getting quality sleep is a crucial component of stimulating growth in your body. Make sure you have a comfortable bed that ensures you sleep for those eight hours soundly through the night. The pituitary gland is the most active around your bedtime, so coupling exercise and your diet along with good sleep is the best way to get the most out of the HGH your body releases.

Like mentioned before, posture is important for looking taller and the way you sleep plays a direct role in that. It’s best to sleep in a way that keeps that natural curve in your lower back intact. Put a pillow under your knees while laying on your back to achieve this. Avoid sleeping in the fetal position with your knees curled up to your chest, which could lead to back pain and ultimately, bad posture.

Grab some Heel Lifts

If you’ve tried all the previous tips, and you haven’t seen any improvement, there’s a fool-proof way you can increase your height. Put some lifts in your shoes. Some people may think this is deceitful or cheating, but if you are dead set on looking and feeling taller this may interest you. You will have perception on your side and will actually be taller to everyone around you.

You can buy shoes with lifts built in, or even insoles that contour to you feet, relieve pain and give a few inches at the same time. Do really think all actors are really as tall as they look? A lot of them use lifts as well to match the height of truly tall actors, so don’t feel bad.

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