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MMSCENE Issue 36 Is Out Now – Cover Star Chico Lachowski!

New issue of MMSCENE is out – cover star is supermodel Francisco Lachowski but there is much more – take a look:

Discover MMSCENE #036 with cover star FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI in an exclusive interview and editorial celebrating more than a decade in the business for the Brazilian supermodel. In addition we are back with striking fashion story as well as breakthrough stars such as Corrado Martini, Désire Quadjo Mia and Nitesh Pillai to name a few. 

Continue to check out the new MMSCENE magazine issue and for words from our Editor-In-Chief Zarko Davinic: 

We might have learnt already how to navigate the pandemic reality thanks to fashion industry inherit trait, looking into the future. In men’s fashion the new season is often a truly sartorial concept, and in less than two weeks the next year’s summer clothes are already to come upon us. However, the pandemic world has brought us into a reality of blurred seasonal lines. It is also served as a reminder of a more natural cycle, and celebrating the moment when spring slowly walks into the summer. This is for many of us the favourite time of the year, when gardens are in blossom and landscapes are truly glorious. Still, many of us are yet to get used to the reality outside our homes, are perhaps even to work in the office. As we get ready to do so, the stars of this issue are slowly stepping out ready to take the redefined world. 

The star of our issue is top model Francisco Lachowski, who I remember as one of the most searched for names on MMSCENE for five consecutive years, bringing more than a million monthly impressions to our pages at that time. Today Chico is a household name, and it is a great honour for us to have him in the new issue talking about his 10 years in the modelling industry. Chico was lensed for a striking night story by the masterfully talented photographer Lufré. 

Elsewhere in the issue, we have a quietly revealing interview with models to watch such as Corrado Martini and Nitesh Pillai but also Chris Appleton a hair stylist to stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian who has a legion of fans online. Appleton is also on a brink of starting a beauty line, in addition to reshaping the hair trends with his advice savvy social media content. 

Meanwhile, I hope that the following pages of MMSCENE magazine might prompt your own thoughts about the new era each of the industry is to take, as well as the modelling and fashion industry. Today more than ever we are aware we live in a time of instantaneous communications, however our deepest emotions are not always so easily revealed. As we spent more than a year connecting online, we are all hopefully to reconnect in person again with people and destinations we have so longed for.

Contributing Photographers
Arianna Angelini, Danilo Pavlovic, Fabrizio Scarpa, Justin Anantawan, Kevin Roldan, Lufré, Mark Mendez, Pat Supsiri, Raul Romo, Santiago Bisso, Stephie Ronget Devred, Tobias Wirth

Contributing Stylists
Alessandro Ferrari, Alex Shera, Ari Michael, Carlos Esser, Davor Jelusic, Letizia Maria Allodi, Saulú Santana, Stefano Guerrini, Trevor Boyd

Featured Models
Chris Appleton, Christian Hogue, Corrado Martini, Dakota Lindvall, Désire Quadjo Mia, Dusan Latinski, Francisco Lachowski, Giosuè Napolitano,
Harigovind Sunil, Harry Westcott, Hidetatsu Takeuchi, Nitesh Pillai, Ollie Dixon, Pedja Zdravkovic, Valerio Maccario

MMSCENE #036  on 146 pages is now out in PRINT and DIGITAL.

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