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Louis Vuitton Menswear FW13

Louis Vuitton

Collection: Louis Vuitton Menswear
Season: Autumn Winter 2013
Models: Abiah Hostvedt, Aiden Andrews, Alexander Beck, Almantas Petkunas, Anders Hayward, Andrew Westermann, Bastian Thierry, Ben Allen, Chris Beek, Christian Garcia, Elliot Vulliod, Freddie Stoker, George Barnett, Guerrino Santulliana, James Gatenby, Jester White, Joe Collier, Julian Sonne, Justin Sterling, Kristoffer Hasllevall, Lars van der Brink, Louis Garreau, Louis Steyaert, Lucas Valerdi, Luuk Van Os, Malcolm De Ruiter, Mattias |at TIAD|, Max Rendell, Paul Alexandre, Pierre Gautier, Race Imboden, Robert Laby, Rutger Schoone, Samuel Roberts, Sergio Fonseca, Thomas Bukovatz, Victor Nylander, and Victor Rivaud.
Louis Vuitton enlists the best of today's modeling scene for their Autumn Winter 2013 runway show in Paris.

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