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alessio pozzi

MMSCENE magazine’s July 2016 issue is our biggest to date and rightfully so our cover star ALESSIO POZZI is one of the most sought after models in the industry. With countless campaign for top brands and numerous catwalks Alessio sits down with us to talk about his career, the secret to success, life off-duty and his plans for the future. Alessio was photographed in Milan by photographer Marco Marezza.


alessio pozzi

Tell me about how you were scouted?
One day I was in a shopping center quite close to my home and I saw a guy looking at me from the window of a store. I came up to him to basically ask why he was staring at me and he asked me if I was interested to work as a model. After I said yes, he fixed me an appointment in a Milan agency. This is how my career started.

Before modelling became an option, what were you planning to do career wise?
Before starting this adventure as model I was a student in a high school. I studied for an accountant and other economy related subjects.

What has been a career highlight for you?
To be honest I have to say I had the opportunity to be part of important advertising campaigns and runway shows of some of the most prestigious labels in the world, and it would be unfair to pick only one job, because each of them gave me the opportunity to learn more and to understand the fashion industry better. I’m very proud of everything I did in the past years.

Where is your favourite place to travel for work?
Recently I’ve been in Cape Town, South Africa, to shoot an advertising campaign and I have to say that I have good memories of this job. Beautiful sea, breathtaking sunsets and lots of fun. At the end of the day, there’s no better way than to work and have fun at the same time and if it happens in a beautiful place, that’s the perfect match.


Your scar is your trademark. How did you get it and do you mind when retouchers decide to remove it?
The scar on my face is a little “gift” from my cat. When I was a little kid I usually teased him while we were playing together and one day he was not in a good mood and he sharpened his claws on my face. Talking about my scar on photoshoots I have to say that I prefer the images where you can see the more natural and real me. I’m proud to show this little “flaw”, because at the end of the day is part of me and makes me unique.

You recently fronted the campaigns for Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, brands who worked with many heavyweights of the male modelling world. What was it like working with such iconic designers and their labels?
Working with such huge and important names in the fashion world, which are globally renowned, is without a doubt a real privilege and satisfaction. I’m very proud that talented designers want to associate their vision of fashion with my look and my personality. In this industry it’s not just a matter of beauty, but it’s also about confidence and attitude and I hope that I showed this side of me in everything I did.

Who are your idols outside of the fashion world?
I’m a big fan of soccer, I love to play it and I love to watch it. My favorite team is Turin-based Juventus and some of its legendary players, like Vialli, Nedved or Del Piero are some of my biggest idols and role models, because they thought me to work hard and to follow my dreams, the discipline and to be focused on my own goals.

You are MMSCENE’s July issue cover star and for this issue we wanted you as a top model embodying healthy lifestyle and body empowerment. The industry is categorizing men as fitness models and runway guys, while you successfully work in both categories do you think fashion will ever embrace the plus size movement for men?
As you know, fashion is always an evolution and things change in the blink of an eye. The designers have different and unique ideas of beauty and maybe in few years there will be a great market even for plus size male models. Who knows? As I previously said, beauty isn’t everything in this job. I know that it could sound strange, but you have to show your personality and your uniqueness, because you could have the best face out there, but if you cannot show what you have inside, your passion and motivation, you probably won’t succeed.


Careers for male models tend to have more longevity than for women. Why do you think this is?
Well, I think that things are changing right now, because there are some successful female models from the Nineties who are still booking amazing jobs and the same thing is for the boys. I think that everything is about attitude and how you treat yourself. If you embrace a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself, your age won’t be important, because this attitude reflects on your skin and your persona.

If you had to choose the biggest benefit and the biggest drawback of working in the fashion industry, what would they be?
Having the opportunity to travel around the world is certainly one of the best aspects of my job, but at the same time is somewhat of a drawback, because I don’t have enough time to visit and explore the places where I shoot the campaign or walk for the shows. On the other hand this job gave me the chance to work with so many talented people, who taught me more about fashion through their experience and unique points of view. I think that loneliness is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of my job, since I often have to spend a lot of time alone at the airport, but when I realize that I’ll be home soon and I’ll see my family and friends, everything goes right.

All fashion aside, what do you do in your down time?
As a 21 y.o. guy I love to ride my bike, go to the gym or running, listen to some good music. I also love to hang out with my friends to enjoy a fresh beer or a good glass of wine in some of the bars in my city. I live very close to a lake and it’s quite nice to spend some moments relaxing under the sun with my friends over there. As you can see, I’m a regular guy who enjoys the simplest things of life.

Tell us something unexpected about yourself.
I have to say that few years ago I was really into videogames. I spent so many hours playing with some of my favorite games, like FIFA or Call of Duty, but today things are a bit different. I don’t have so much free time at the moment to shoot virtual enemies.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I still have time to think about my professional future, but I’d like to stay in the fashion industry, maybe with a different role. I’m lucky to know a lot of people who can help me in this field, but if life takes me in on another path, who knows? I’m interested in car design, but I think it’s a very difficult and hard job.

What are your final words for the MMSCENE reader?
One of the hashtags I often use when I post pictures on Instagram is #sempresereni (translation: always untroubled) and I think it perfectly represents my attitude, because I always live my days with a smile on my face and most importantly I do not take myself too seriously, which is fundamental in this industry.

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Photographer Marco Marezza at 3M ARTISTS
Stylist Giorgio Ammirabile
Model Alessio Pozzi at ELITE MILANO / 3MMODELS
Grooming Stefano Gatti at W-Management
Special Thanks Silvia Grimaldi



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