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WEEK ON IG WITH Toni Mahfud, Ryan Frederick, Neels Visser…

It was a busy week on Instagram for Toni Mahfud (wait, is there an influencer feud?), Ryan Frederick, Neels Visser, Eian Scully, Manu Rios, River Viiperi, Patryk Lawry, Jonathan Bellini and Jay Alvarrez.

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“?”  @edisonfanye

“Any plans for the weekend…?” @augusta_alexander

“today’s mood” @manurios

“? or ?.” @riverviiperi

“19/03/18” @lawry98

“REAL People ONLY. Its already been “solved”, and I’m not here bringing this up again for this reason, since MarianoDV and I talked about it, but I received so so so many messages from people about this same topic and I hope everything is working out for everyone in a fair way.  I just wanted to take my time and say THANK YOU. Thank you to all the people that were having my back and standing for what’s right. Maybe some of you have seen what happened to me few days ago so no need for big details. You guys know that’s a big majority to me to inspire people out there. But being inspired does not mean it’s right to copy-paste something from somebody else hard work.  I’m seriously overwhelmed on how many of you were defending me. But It’s not just about me, more about the fact that this happens to so many artist and people out there who may are afraid to raise their voice. Hours of work get stolen with no credits and respect to so many out there. Your work and your passion is YOU. It’s a part of who you are and that’s important no matter how big or small or dramatic your actions may look in other people’s eyes. You deserve to be respected and you should stand behind it. Don’t just shut up when it comes to face the industry and straight lies when it’s just wrong. But do it with respect. At the end, the truth will always conquer lies.”  @tonimahfud

“Picture of a picture ?” @ryancfrederick

“pick em up in a space coupe… I don’t let my plug walk” @neelsvisser

“Quem ja treino hoje? Se num foi vai ou num vai? / who already went to the gym today ?? #backworkout” @jouubellini

“Baby boy ??” @jayalvarrez

“Beautiful afternoon in NYC for a BBQ ???” @eianscully

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