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FASHION INDUSTRY: How to Find Your First Modelling Job

There are thousands of aspiring models waiting for their big break. For many young women and men, it is a dream career. Do your friends tell you that you’ve got the face and figure to be a model? Perhaps you find yourself looking at magazines and thinking “that could be me.” If you’re wondering how to get your foot in the door, you’re not going to be surprised to learn it’s not that easy!

So, let’s share a few tips that will make it a little easier. First, let’s point out there’s more to getting your first modelling gig that having an attractive face and well-proportioned figure.

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Choose a Market

There are various different markets to choose from, and picking the right one for you will make all the difference to your success. For example, do you think you’re better suited to be a catwalk model or would you be better aiming at the plus-size, lingerie or commercial market? Different markets will have certain requirements. A catwalk model is often at least 5’ 8” tall and usually with a straighter figure. Lingerie models tend to have smaller waists and larger chests.

Create Your Portfolio

Any prospective employers will want to see a portfolio. If you’re just starting out, it may not have too many pictures, but it’s something you can expand over time. If you can’t afford any professional shots, why not ask a friend to take some for you so that agencies can get an idea of your look. Make sure the lighting is flattering and use a decent camera. You should include a variety of shots and feature a range of different outfits. Swimwear shots are important if you want to be a glamour model. Otherwise, you should choose clothes you feel comfortable in, even if they feature Gucci’s famous logo.

Contact a Selection of Agencies

As soon as your portfolio is ready, you can get in touch with a selection of modelling agencies. You’ll have to do some research to find the most reputable and those that cater to your chosen market. There is bound to be a website that you can look at, which will provide you with details for submitting your book of pictures. You may have to send it in the mail or fill out an online form and submit a selection of pictures. Look out for agencies offering casting calls because a real-life meeting will allow your personality to shine through.

Get Exposure and Experience

While you’re waiting for your first job, and it could be a long wait, take the opportunity to get experience and exposure. You might be able to find a modelling club in the city where you live; this is where aspiring models meet and share information.

One last word of advice. You’ll encounter a number of “modelling schools” and faux “agencies” that promise to make you a star. If they’re asking for money upfront, then smile politely and walk away. Be sceptical about any offers and check everything out before signing on the dotted line.

Images by Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE


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